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September was officially Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, but the awareness should go on all year. Here’s the latest trending of “hot topics” regarding #ovarian cancer on Twitter in the month of October (2012). Check it out. The links are provided.

Women’s Health Mag ‏‪@WomensHealthMag

Taking aspirin may reduce your risk of the 5th-leading cause of cancer deaths in women: ovarian cancer ‪ 

Science Index ‏‪@ScienceIndex_

‪  Constitutive promoter methylation of BRCA1 and RAD51C in patients with familial ovarian cancer… ‪ 

Symposier Ob/Gyn ‏‪@SympoOBGYN

Economic Impact of Ovarian Cancer Treatments, Annual cost of bevacizumab in the adjuvant treatment of ovarian cancer ‪ 


Ovarian Cancer fact of the day: pap smears do not check for this disease! Check out our website to see which tests do: ‪ 

ChemoBabe ‏‪@chemo_babe

a daughter remembers her mother, lost to ovarian cancer. a legacy of speaking up. guest post. ‪ … ‪#pinkwashing

Trish Rubin ‏‪@brokerbabe_nyc

RT ‪@VNSNY_News: Three Questions Help Detect Ovarian Cancer – ‪ 

Everyday Health ‏‪@WomensCancer

Ovarian ‪#cancer risk factors you need to know about: ‪ 

Cancer News ‏‪@cancernewsdaily

New Drug May Be Effective Alternative For Patients Whose Ovarian Cancer Is Resistant To Currently Available Drugs ‪ 

OvarianCancerCanada ‏‪@OvarianCanada

HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer, NOT ovarian cancer. Learn what every woman should know: ‪ 

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