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Your Vagina is Not Cussing: Good, Simple Vulvovaginal Hygiene Tips

Friends, Romans, Countrywomen – lend me your ear! All these people are WRONG! (and that’s probably one reason why they’re seeing me in the first place)

If you want my advice, I’m going to be succinct, clear and direct. You can wash your vulvovaginal area any way you’d like as long as you are in the shower, eliminate all soap and let warm water run over the area and only use your hands. Just call me the Henry Ford of the vagina…or is that weird?

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Pelvic MRI: Can You Identify the Structures?

Here’s your chance to test your knowledge of the pelvic region. Can you identify these basic structures? Ever wonder what the pelvic region really looks like? It’s interesting to see the pelvic organs and muscles in a Pelvic MRI view (answers below- no cheating!) Scroll Down for the Answers:           #1…

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