urinary incontinence

13 Apr, 2012

“Sexy” New Depend Incontinence Products in the News!

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The Today show on NBC this morning featured Lisa Rinna in a new advertising campaign - Lisa Rinna Tries the New DependĀ® Silhouette for Women. The Depend products have launched a smoother, sleeker line for the Baby Boomer generation. Urinary incontintinence, unintentional loss of urine, is no joking matter. It's important to have the proper products such as an adult pad or diaper product to deal with this issue. However, we advocate to our patients- "you don't just have to live with this issue". Many cases of urinary incontinence can improve dramatically or completely go away with the right personalized program, particularly with a trained pelvic physical therapist. Lisa Rinna reports that she does not wear the Depend products regularly, but was happy to support this campaign and raise money for a charity called "Dress for Success". There's another video featured (see the link here) with male pro football players trying on the Depend product to raise money for a charity for Prostate Cancer. All jokes and SNL parodies aside, this campaign certainly raises awareness regarding the issue of adult incontinence.