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Jennifer asked 5 months ago
I had a baby 5 months ago and I want to start jogging and lifting weights again. Is that safe? I can’t tell if I have a prolapse. Will I get one from exercising? I only walk right now.
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Tracy Sher answered 5 months ago

In an ideal world, we would suggest seeing a pelvic physical therapist and/or urogynecologist to get a baseline assessment of pelvic organ prolapse and guide you on the best recommendations for exercises. (But we know this isn’t always possible). There can be a full assessment of pelvic floor function too. Based on this, there can be a discussion on what exercises may be best and if a pessary would be helpful short-term or long-term as well. In terms of checking for yourself – do you see anything pushing out of the vagina or close to the opening?- that may be form of a prolapse. Or some people feel a heaviness or pressure; or a golf ball feeling inside vaginally or rectally.
When starting to do higher level activities such as jogging or lifting weights, the best recommendation is to grade exercise progressions. So, start with faster walking and see if you notice prolapse feelings or symptoms. If that’s ok, try a gentle jog/walk, and see how that goes. Same progression with lifting – a progression and assess how you feel. Typically, the body is still healing for up to a year after delivery, so, we also encourage people to not to feel “less than” if they aren’t jogging by a certain time yet and higher level (such as jogging) is best typically after 5-6 months, but this is totally different for each person.
Most importantly, there’s so much guidance and hope for this and there’s likely a great plan for you. We want to empower people and make sure they are not fearful of exercise or that prolapse will get worse. It truly may not. We are resilient.