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Pain while sitting?

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Tammy Velasco asked 2 years ago

I have sitting pain that seems to be where sit bones are and clitoral pain and intense itch. I also have off and on vaginal pain. This has been going on for many years and was originally diagnosed as I.C. Have started pelvic floor therapy and they say I have very tight pelvic floor muscles, but unsure if the pudendal nerve is involved. I have also light urine leakage and burning after I urinate. I’m so depressed because of chronic pain and have spent all my retirement trying to get the correct treatment. I am just hoping to get some pain relief to enable me to continue working. What do you advise?

1 Answers
Karen answered 2 years ago
  1. Hi Tammy, 

I am retired R.N.,61 yrs old and 2 years ago I was dx’d with IC and hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction . I had pelvic floor physical therapy twice and it never helped . I recently found out that I never had IC. I have been to numerous drs. Recently I went to a sports medicine dr who told me I have athletic pubalgia which is a core muscle injury. I had an mri and I have bilateral labral tears in each of my hips. My insurance does not recognize athletic pubalgia surgery as  investigational and unproven.  My next step is to see a sports medicine surgeon because I think I need an arthroscopy in each hip to repair the labral tears and to repair other tendons that are affected.I have been telling every Dr. the same thing.I have pelvic pain 24/7 and feel like my pelvis is very unstable and I have fallen twice. The last Dr. I saw told me to get the core muscle surgery and come back for pelvic floor physical therapy. He feels my pelvic muscles are overcompensating because my body is unstable and if I had stability then my body could be taught to relax my pelvic floor. Athletic pubalgia surgery is out of network and people have mixed results. I look like a whackadoodle with this diagnosis because I keep trying to figure this out and I simply can’t. My family is getting very frustrated with me too but I can’t give up on myself so I will see the next dr. to talk about repairing the hip labral tears. I feel your frustration and pain, good luck to you too.