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Lump feeling in the vagina

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsLump feeling in the vagina
Laura asked 2 years ago

What does this mean? I feel it all of the time and bad when I stand a lot.

1 Answers
Tracy Sher answered 2 years ago

There can be a variety of reasons for this. For example – some people who experience this type of lump feeling have a type of pelvic organ prolapse – this can be mild and not problematic at all. There are several types of prolapse – the bladder (cystocele), uterus, rectal wall (rectocele), small intestines (enterocele). Any of these can give this feeling. It’s often a change after childbirth (sometimes years later), but can also occur without having children. An ideal person to assess this would be a urogynecologist or pelvic physical therapist or both. Another reason people sometimes feel a lump in the vagina can be attributed to tightness of pelvic floor muscles. There can certainly be other differentials – such as nodules, vascular changes, or changes at the cervix. The good news is there is still hope to decrease this feeling with conservative management. ~ Tracy Sher