Decreased sensation of glans penis

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Becky Paulson asked 7 days ago

I am a pelvic PT. I have been seeing a male patient for a few months with primary c/o: decreased/absent pleasurable sensation of glans penis and much of shaft. We initially theorized it was a blood flow issue. He has been undergoing pelvic PT, electromagnetic wave (?) therapy, had botox injections for his severely hypertonic pfms, and is now addressing some psychological trauma that we believe has been contributing to his severely upregulated ANS. Has anyone seen this before? Pelvic and Lumbar MRI findings are normal except for a L1 hematoma (unremarkable findings in the eyes of the radiologist). bulbocavernosus reflex latency testing was moderately delayed. We believe this to be a peripheral pathology. Has anyone seen this before? Ideas? Results? Thank you all in advance!

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