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Nicole Bulow , PT, DPT, CFMT (Certified Functional Manual Therapist), ATC

SolFuel Wellness
Seattle Washington, United States, 98118
Nicole Bulow, SolFuel Wellness
Physical Therapist
  • Orthopedic - Spine/Pelvis/Hips
  • Sports Specialist
  • Women’s Health Only (female parts)
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • Female Athlete
  • Physical Therapy Practice




What a gift I have been given. The gift to guide you in unlocking your existing potential. I found physical therapy as I have always been driven by things that make me happy. My happiness comes from being in nature, endorphins, and connecting with people. I am also addicted to learning which has lead me to where I am today as a Certified Functional Manual Therapist working every day to help people live better lives. I am driven by the intellectual challenge of figuring out the puzzle that is the body. By identifying what is getting in the way, we can work together to rewrite the history of your body. Over the past few years I have been called to work with women across the pregnancy spectrum as there is SO much that can be done to aid in conception, ease comfort during pregnancy, facilitate labor and expedite postpartum recovery. I focus on addressing pelvic health holistically which means I treat not only the pelvic floor, but the house that it lives in. I spend time to address the mobility of the hips, tailbone, pelvic ring, lumbar spine and all associated soft tissues to help optimize pelvic health. In addition my work focuses on restoring efficiency to the viscera (organs) and addressing any abdominal scar tissue. Being a physical therapist allows me to partner with my patients to help them return to the life they want. Through this journey I will share with you my knowledge and passion to provide you with the tools you need to take ownership of you!

Additional Highlights

Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) for Conception, Pregnancy, Delivery preparation & Postpartum Recovery Conception - Are you struggling to get pregnant? Do you have a history of gastrointensital distress? Have you had any abdominal surgery? Fertility can be impacted by the mobility and position of your viscera (internal organs). The placement and mobility of your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are critical for conception and a healthy pregnancy. FMT can help! Pregnancy - Are you currently experiencing pain or other symptoms? Would you like to be comfortable during your pregnancy? The better your body moves the better it will be able to adapt to the physical changes that happen during pregnancy. Pain does not have to be a part of your journey! FMT is for you! Labor & Delivery Preparation - Do you want to feel strong, empowered and physically ready for birth? For an efficient delivery your pelvis needs to open and your pelvic floor needs to relax to allow the baby to follow a predetermined series of events to be born. Relaxin hormone is awesome, but it isn't magic. Your hips, pelvis, tailbone and pelvic floor all need to have good mobility to allow for this process to happen. FMT can help ease your labor and delivery! ​Postpartum Recovery - Have you had a baby? (even decades ago) Pregnancy, labor and delivery creates amazing change in your body to grow a life. Your body often needs help to adjust to its postpartum existence. Pregnancy shifts your organs, creates muscle tensions, limits the mobility of your joints and alters the position of your pelvis. Delivery can create dysfunction in your pelvic floor, viscera and pelvis. FMT can help restore efficiency to all these structures! SolMamas - A perinatal movement class that will guide you to unlock your existing potential for pregnancy, child birth and beyond. Pain, resistance and dysfunction do not need to be a part of your journey!

Insurance and Payment Info

I am an out-of-network provider. I provide one-on-one hour treatment sessions. $130/treatment session

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