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Michelle Little PT, DPT, OCS , Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Pelvic health (all genders) , Obstetrics health

Women In Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness
1747 Allied St, suite D Charlottesville Virginia, United States, 22903
Michelle Little PT, DPT, OCS, Women In Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness
Physical Therapist
  • Orthopedic - Spine/Pelvis/Hips
  • Pelvic Health - Both Male and Female
  • Sports Specialist
  • Female Athlete
  • Physical Therapy Practice



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Michelle Little received her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in 2015, and in 2018 became Board Certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association. -Post Doctorate training in Obstetrics - Academy of Pelvic Health -Post Doctorate training in Pelvic Health - Academy of Pelvic Health She fluently speaks English and Spanish. Clinical Interest: -Women's Health through all phases of life with special interest in Prenatal and Postpartum care for the female athlete. -Lower Quarter Running injuries, orthopedic injuries, aches and pain. -Sports Performance and Injury Prevention: Cross-fit Athletes Women's Health: *Pregnancy & Postpartum Care *Menopause *Urinary Incontinence *Over Active Bladder *Bowel Dysfunction *Pelvic Organ Prolapse *Pelvic Pain *Diastasis Recti *Urogenital Post Op Rehab *sexual dysfunction

Additional Highlights

-Foot and Ankle research with the University of Virginia -Collecting data on birthing outcomes as part of Prenatal Birthing Class offered through Women In Motion Wellness

8 Reviews on “Michelle Little PT, DPT, OCS”

  • Jocelyn
    2 years ago

    Michelle’s pregnancy prep course was a saving grace for my COVID pregnancy. It’s common that women don’t feel heard or seen during pregnancy and unfortunately COVID made that worse. I found Michelle at a time when I was struggling to get my providers to listen or care about my needs. I spent a lot of time viewing the content Michelle put together and soaked in all of the knowledge I could. It’s with her guidance and her pregnancy prep course that I finally found confidence in my ability to deliver my baby. Equipped with positions, breathing techniques, and partner techniques I was able to deliver my first baby in just three hours of active labor. I have no doubt that the course and her willingness to answer questions and provide reputable medical studies helped me. She is highly recommended both virtually and in person. Thank you, Michelle.

  • Noelle S
    2 years ago

    Michelle is amazing! She knows her stuff, and you can tell she is very smart. She breaks down the content in a way that everyone can understand. The 6-week Building Block Course with her and Emily was very informative. I took it as a new Doctor of Physical Therapy grad and learned a lot about pediatric handling skills as well as pelvic floor health, exercises, and return to running. I highly recommend this class for moms AND therapists looking for peds/women’s health information!

  • Josh Danoff
    2 years ago

    I have worked with Michelle for over 2 years and she has helped me so much with both pain management and building strength. I had a spinal fusion to correct scoliosis in 2009. Michelle has worked with me to rebuild muscles in my back and improve core strength. Most importantly, she treats the cause of my pain, not just the symptoms. I would recommend Michelle to anyone needing physical therapy.

  • Quana Tribble
    3 years ago

    OMG! I don’t know where to begin! Michelle’s six week Virtual Pregnancy prep class helped me so much while preparing for the birth of my son! Since the pandemic, I was extremely nervous about not having the support of my doula and family during childbirth. This class helped to ease a lot of those anxious thoughts I was having. I learned so much about the many ways I can control my body during labor and how I can safely assist the baby down the birth canal with decreased risk for baby getting stuck and decreased risk of having a perineal tear. During my labor, my baby stopped progressing at 9cm dilated for several hours. In order to decrease my risk of needing a c-section or an assisted vaginal delivery, I turned on my pregnancy prep class and applied some of the techniques Michelle taught us! And guess what, 20mins later, baby had progressed to 10cm and I was ready to push! As a pelvic floor therapist myself, it meant a lot to have someone I truly trust on my pregnancy prep team and I can’t thank Michelle enough for her help before delivery and after the delivery of my son as well! I highly recommend this class to pregnant mamas to safely and effectively help you with the birth of your baby!

  • Erin
    3 years ago

    I started PT with Michelle several weeks after having my third baby. I was tired of having chronic pubic symphysis pain, difficulty picking up my kids, and not being able to run or exercise without an injury. As a physical therapist myself, I had tried everything I knew to do to help strengthen my hips and core, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I then saw a different physical therapist before my third pregnancy to help prepare me for my last pregnancy. I did see progress, but I was almost certain that the issues I was having were just things I was going to have to learn to live with.
    I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to see a physical therapist with advanced training and certification in women’s health and pelvic physical therapy. Michelle and I started from the very, very beginning- just learning to fire all pelvic floor muscles consistently and then making sure they were firing with day-to-day movements. Michelle also has advanced certification in orthopedics, so as my pelvic floor strength improved, we worked hard to make sure there was coordinated firing of pelvic floor muscles during exercise, running, and lifting.
    After 5 years of pubic symphysis pain, I now have absolutely zero pain. My core is stronger than ever and I no longer have back pain or spasms. I can run for an hour without pain. These are all achievements I had thought impossible before working with Michelle. Before seeing her I thought these issues were small, and maybe even normal, as I know many other moms with similar or worse complaints who don’t seek help. But after living life pain-free, without athletic injuries, and being able to do what I want without thinking about it- Michelle and women’s health PT are truly the best thing I’ve done to take care of myself in a very long time. My advice is to see Michelle ASAP postpartum. You will be so glad you did!

  • Jill Meriwether
    3 years ago

    My spouse and I took Michelle’s pregnancy prep class at the beginning of my third trimester, and it was so helpful! Michelle is so knowledgeable about women’s health, specifically pelvic health, and she is so encouraging. So much so that I wished she could’ve been at the birth of our baby! She is very kind and has a calming personality. We learned a lot about laboring positions for birth and how to effectively push during the pushing stage. I’ve also worked with her postpartum on how to “wake up” my core and pelvic floor to get those back in shape. This has been so helpful! I’ve had two large babies and my pelvic floor honestly felt recovered for the most part at two weeks postpartum after this second baby, which sounds crazy. But I credit this to working with Michelle prenatally and practicing some of the techniques she taught me early in the postpartum days. I cannot recommend her enough!

  • BT
    3 years ago

    I’ve seen Michelle for the better part of three years for various stuff, including chronic hip pain, ankle pain, and general pelvic and core function. She has such a wealth of knowledge about the orthopedic side of physical therapy, along with pelvic and core function for athletic women. (For me, in particular, with returning to run after being an avid soccer player and triathlete as a teenager and young adult.) Furthermore, Michelle is continuously talking about new research to guide her care! I have always felt so heard by Michelle. Her depth of care and unrelenting nature to continuously problem-solve and look at the big picture has meant so much to me. After working with Michelle for this long, it is incredibly clear how much she cares about equity of access and successful outcomes for all of her patients. She is amazing and I want everyone to know about her! The Charlottesville community is beyond lucky to have an amazing resource (and human!) like Michelle.

  • Aprill
    3 years ago

    Just finished Michelle’s 6wk postpartum class and WOW!! I cannot rave enough about how amazing Michelle is. When looking for a provider to fit your specific needs it is super uncommon to come across someone who is truly passionate about their work, caring about your well being as a client and super knowledgeable! Michelle has it all- 10/10 recommended for prenatal & postpartum care!

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