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Ava Hyunhye Lee , PT, DPT, WCS, CLT

Mountain View California, United States, 94040
Ava Hyunhye Lee,
  • Pelvic Health - All genders (trans inclusive)
  • Pelvic Health - Both Male and Female
  • Pregnancy / Postnatal Women’s Health Wellness




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Dr. Ava Hyunhye Lee is a licensed physical therapist(PT) in the SF bay area, California. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy(DPT) degree from D'Youville College and completed her residency training in women's health from Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Agile Physical Therapy. She is a Board-certified Women's Health/Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist(WCS) by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties of the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Lee is also a Norton School trained Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She is passionate about pelvic floor rehabilitation, working with men, women, and children experiencing bowel and bladder issues and pelvic pain. She also enjoys helping women in the management of back pain, pregnancy-related pelvic girdle dysfunction, and postpartum-related conditions. In addition to her women's health residency training, she completed advanced continuing education in pelvic rehabilitation through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. Her clinical interests include cancer rehabilitation, particularly breast cancer and prostate cancer rehabilitation. Her philosophy of practice is to listen, educate, and provide individualized treatments to build healing relationships with her patients. Dr. Lee's treatment approach focuses not only on restoring physical well-being but also on the emotional well-being of patients while integrating evidenced-based research into her practice. She believes in empowering her patients by building their body awareness and broadening their knowledge of their own anatomy. Combining her passion for women's health and her expertise in pelvic health physical therapy, she has been successfully treating numerous patients and empowering them to return to a high quality of life.

18 Reviews on “Ava Hyunhye Lee”

  • Bernadette
    6 months ago

    When I first decided to go see a Physician Therapist for my Pelvic floor issues I was quite frankly embarrassed and not a strong believer in their ability to help. However, working with Ava has greatly changed that outlook for me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with her. Not only is Ava super knowledgeable and passionate about her work, but she’s very pleasant and very caring towards her patients. If you are in need of a great Pelvic Floor PT, I highly recommend Ava. You won’t regret it.

  • Rick
    8 months ago

    Ava is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with as a physical therapist for pelvic platform dysfunction. I’m a male and this is mostly something that females get, but she really made me feel comfortable with the process and had valuable suggestions on diet, stretches, posture, and medications/supplements that could help with the condition, and how to better diagnose the specific case for best path to improvement.

    It’s a gradual process to address it, and to do it right involves several daily exercise intervals. She was very understanding about how to strike the balance that works for a patient.

    It had been a tremendous inconvenience in my life. I really liked her attitude and her kind, informative approach, which has had some direct impact on the frequency and severity of the problem. In working with her I have a much better sense of the ongoing steps I can take to reduce the impact of the condition.

  • KT
    8 months ago

    Respectful, knowledgable; felt comfortable with her. I got great results for dealing with postpartum incontinence, returning to fitness / running, and resolving discomfort from scar tissue. Also appreciated that we could sometimes meet virtually to ease my childcare situation.

  • Heliena
    10 months ago

    Did not now about pelvic floor issues could be such inconvenience and stressful until recent years!

    Finally I came to physical therapy session in Dr. Lee’s office. Dr. Lee explained the structure and effects of women’s pelvic muscle and bone so we started the exercise and amazing abdominal breathing technic.

    With her professionalism I am sure Dr. Ava Lee can help more people to gain better quality of life.

    Wishing a successful career and wonderful life to Dr. Ava Lee!

  • RN
    11 months ago

    Ava is amazing!! I can’t say enough good things about her. After I had my baby I had a terrible incontinence problem that wasn’t going away, it had been 6 months and I still couldn’t sneeze or go for a jog without having some leakage. Ava detected the problem spot on and developed a PT plan for me to follow and within a month I saw major improvement and finally went back to where I was pre-labor. She explained how to do the exercises really well and is super patient and sweet. I’d recommend her to everyone.

  • Vanessa
    12 months ago

    Not only is Ava extremely knowledgeable and professional, her ability to tailor the therapy to fit with your lifestyle is truly a skill and gift that I have yet to witness in the PT world. You can’t go wrong with, Ava!

  • Diana Langley
    1 year ago

    Before meeting Ava, I didn’t realize anything could be done about:

    1. periodic pain in my urethra
    2. my need to urinate appx every 30 minutes during the day
    3. getting up 3-5X nightly to urinate

    Fortunately, my gynecologist referred my to Ava. I can’t emphasize strongly enough how helpful she’s been, or how relieved I am to have worked with her. She is direct, yet kind and she explains everything in useful detail (multiple times, if necessary). She is very gentle -something important to anyone who is emotionally, or physically, sensitive about their pelvic area. Once she had given me a protocol to follow, it was then my responsibility to continue the regimen, which is the approach I prefer. Her knowledge and empathy seem boundless and I consider my experience with her to have been exceptional.

  • Sharon
    1 year ago

    Dr Ava is an amazing Physical Therapist. My Urologist gave me a list of physical therapists to see for Pelvic Floor Therapy. I was very lucky to find Dr Ava on the list. She is gentle, supportive, kind, explained everything clearly, and gave me confidence to succeed. I feel so much better after completing the therapy. I highly recommend Dr Ava….you won’t be disappointed.

  • Nir L
    1 year ago

    Ava is an absolutely brilliant doctor.

    I was on the verge of losing sanity with constant pelvic pain, not knowing where it is coming from, with years of pain, that had become unbearable and was really hurting my quality of life and mental state.
    After 4-5 sessions, I was already back to functioning state, with many tools to mitigate pain and to partially prevent it. Moreover I understood the specific reasons and areas that were causing my pain, which helped me develop further methods to mitigate the pain.

    Ava was extremely professional, very patient and gave me a lot of hope throughout the process.

    Highly recommended, I will forever be grateful for helping me get back to normal life.

  • HM
    2 years ago

    I went to see Ava for my Pelvic Floor PT as I have been going through the pain for almost two years. It’s very tough to decide to go and see a specialist for the pelvic area, but Ava made a difference as she has thorough knowledge about Pelvic floor muscle and what may causes issues and make you comfortable and listen to your concerns. I feel I am lucky to have her for my pelvic problems.

    From the very beginning, Ava was very kind and very understanding. She helped me feel comfortable as she listened to me every session, and it seemed that she genuinely cared about helping me. Most importantly, Ava answered all questions about my condition and how the therapy would help. She also figured out the stress level I am from the relationship I am going through, looked and cared for from the holistic perspective, and recommended psychotherapy sessions (mental health). Additionally, she showed some static, dynamic, and sitting exercises that helped me relax the pelvic area and gain more knowledge about my body with her physical therapy sessions.

    Before seeing her, I felt very helpless, lost, and don’t know what to do with my situation. It turned into a thinking loop of stress, anxiety, and depression, which triggered pain and worsened my problem. Ava helped put a stop to that loop, and I highly recommend her. It doesn’t matter if a Male or female handles care and kindness, and she makes you comfortable. If you’re suffering from pelvic area problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to Ava and book an appointment with her.

  • KD
    2 years ago

    Ava is a great PT if you are looking for solutions to your pelvic pain problems.

    She will get into each tiny detail about your health and lifestyle that could help you work towards better health (No Urologist would ever do that !! ). She’s very knowledgeable and has good diagnosis of pelvic floor problems. Her empathy and positivity really helped me believe that my pelvic pain could get better. I would recommend to visit her before having to get any intense medications for pelvic pain.

  • MV
    2 years ago

    I am very indebted to Dr. Ava Lee for the treatment she provided me. I was having extreme pain with intercourse due to muscle tightness. Dr. Ava’s physiotherapy sessions and her treatment completely helped me get rid of the pain and we are now on our way to start a family. Dr. Lee was very knowledgeable. kind and was very empathetic to what I was going through. She made me feel totally comfortable and after each session, I noticed my condition get better over time. Over a few months of treatment, I am now very happy that I do not suffer from pain during intercourse.  She is an exceptional practitioner who truly cares about helping her patients holistically and suggested several exercises one can continue to perform at home to maintain good health. If you are suffering from pelvic conditions, I would strongly recommend Dr.Lee. 

  • SL
    2 years ago

    I cannot thank Ava enough for the treatment I have been receiving from her about my pelvic pain and issues. Before I consulted her, I had been suffering from chronic pelvic pain for couple years which was pretty much disturbing my life in almost every way. Ava explained to me in detail as to why I might be experiencing pelvic pain after thoroughly listening to me and going through my daily life. As soon as I started receiving treatment from her, my pelvic pain started subsiding after 2-3 sessions and feeling optimistic about living a normal life again. She has also been prescribing my exercise routine/stretches to help reduce the pain and guiding me on what I have to be mindful about in my daily life. She’s a very gentle and soothing personality and I’d definitely recommend her to anyone experiencing pelvic pain.

    Thank you Ava!

  • YSM
    3 years ago

    Ava is an amazing person and pelvic floor PT. As a male, it was hard coming to the decision to seek help for pelvic floor issues, but I feel extremely lucky that my search ended up in finding Ava as she really made a huge impact on my life and health.

    My pelvic floor issues felt very private and embarrassing and this was a big reason it felt difficult to seek help from a PT, but Ava from the very beginning was very kind and very understanding, she really helped me feel comfortable as every session she earnestly listened to me, and it seemed that she genuinely cared about helping me. Most importantly, Ava answered any and all questions that I had about my condition and about how the therapy would help. This seriously helped me understand my condition more and it allowed me to stop treating it as something that was debilitating and hopeless. Additionally, she took a very holistic approach and discussed any factors that would play into my issues (for ex. diet, posture, stress, exercise) which allowed us to identify invisible factors that were aggravating my issues.

    Ava also really tailored the physical therapy to my needs as she would always listen to my feedback and look for better solutions if I was having any trouble doing the exercises/stretches that she had given me. This helped me get the best care/solutions for my specific situation.

    Before seeing her, I felt very hopeless with my situation and it turned into a cycle that just consisted of stress and triggers that worsened my problem; a truly horrible rollercoaster. Ava helped put a stop to that rollercoaster and I highly recommend her. Male or female, if you’re suffering from any pelvic floor issues, do yourself a favor and set up an appointment with her!

  • Meng
    3 years ago

    I went to see Ava for postpartum rehab. Ava is very sweet and knowledgeable. Her sessions have tremendously sped up my recovery. And I learned useful exercises and tips that will remain helpful later on. I highly recommend Ava to anyone who needs pelvic floor therapy.

    Additionally, Ava has a deep passion for spreading the knowledge and helping more people, who suffer from pelvic floor related problems but may not know how to get help. This greater goal makes Ava truly exceptional. And I am looking forward to her having bigger impact in the future!

  • J
    3 years ago

    Ava is a very caring, knowledgeable, helpful pelvic floor PT. I feel very lucky to have worked with her. She always puts me at ease, and is also understanding and supportive of my concerns and issues. I really appreciated how she takes a holistic viewpoint about how stress, exercise, and other factors can contribute to pelvic issues. Before seeing Ava, I felt ashamed and uncomfortable about some of my problems, but Ava has helped me feel more confident and in control. Ava is a genuine, warm, kind person who put me at ease, and I highly recommend her.

  • Joan
    3 years ago

    I can’t say enough good things about Ava! She completely put me at ease during PT sessions. She totally listened to everything I was going through, and was very knowledgable and kind. She’s so genuine, and truly care about making issue(s) better. This is a really specialized area and she’s such an amazing practitioner. If you’re struggling with any kind of pelvic issues, I highly recommend you see her.

  • SS
    3 years ago

    Ava is an excellent pelvic floor PT. I’m really glad I found her. She’s very knowledgeable. I love that she looks at the holistic picture and also shares information about diet and lifestyle that have an impact on the pelvic floor related issue.
    It’s hard to find good pelvic floor PTs and I highly recommend her. Also wanted to mention that she is knowledgeable in other PT areas as well.

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