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Hazel Hawkins Pelvic Health P.T. aka Hazel Hawkins Rehabilitation Services
Hollister California, United States, 95023
ANNETTE SISON-ESTRADA, Hazel Hawkins Pelvic Health P.T. aka Hazel Hawkins Rehabilitation Services
Physical Therapist
  • Pregnancy
  • Female (Genital) Pelvic Pain
  • Male (Genital) Pelvic Pain
  • Spinal Health; Orthopedics
  • Bowel
  • Bladder
  • Hospital System
831-635-1135; 635-1409
831- 636-9547 (FAX)




Hello there! I am Annette Sison-Estrada, PT, DPT, specializing in Pelvic Floor Health PT and initially as an Orthopedic PT. I have been working as a Lead, PT for Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital here in Hollister, CA for 27 years. I obtained my Doctorate Degree in PT from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I have been in an out-patient clinical practice for a total of 31 years, and 8 years of these are dedicated mostly to Pelvic Health PT. I highly value in my clinical practice an individualized and holistic approach in patient care. I have completed my post-graduate advanced continuing education pelvic PT series course work with the Herman and Wallace Rehabilitation Institute from 2011- 2014 and have taken Pregnancy course under the SOWH-APTA in 2012. Education has a paramount significance in my profession and continues to further my clinical knowledge and skills through taking specialty Pelvic PT related courses at least biannually. I also love tuning in to weekly Pelvic and Women's Health Podcasts, read monthly PT journals, attend webinars and participate in other online courses. I have been recognized by the Institute to have demonstrated proficiency and academic achievement in the evaluation and treatment of patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain, Incontinence, Prolapse and Obstetrics.

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All Health Insurances except for Blue Cross Covered CA, AETNA


  • Delfina Meneses
    2 months ago

    Having endured a pelvic pain disorder for several years, I eventually took the step to seek assistance and chose not to endure the suffering in silence any longer. My doctor recommended Annette, and I can attest that, with her incredible expertise and compassionate guidance, I experienced significant improvement within two months through various stretches and breathing techniques. Thanks to Annette, I’ve been able to break free from silent suffering, conquer my pelvic pain, and gain a deeper understanding of my body.

  • Stephanie
    2 years ago

    I saw Annette after experiencing severe pelvic floor pain which left me hardly able to walk. Turns out I had SI issues attributed to an improperly fractured leg. Im a health coach, and the techniques Annette uses are heavily rooted in mind body connection. I 100% believe this was the foundation in how I healed and recovered so fast. Mind body connection was not a foreign concept to me. I strongly urge others to dive deep if it’s something new.

    Annette gave me guides and exercises to help me adjust and support my body throughout the day. I was able to take the pt work home before starting on physical therapy. Stretching and realigning my body when I get up and after exercise has helped tremendously followed by pelvic floor therapy/work. After 6 months, I’m back to 90% normal and only go when I’m having issues I can’t get under control myself.

    I highly recommend her and when I move she’ll be well worth the drive to see her! If anyones on the fence or struggling you don’t need to anymore. There is help!

    Pelvic floor therapy can feel intimidating because it’s so involved. Annette made me feel safe and comfortable. She also showed me how, so I could do it at home too. Annette helped me prepare and showed me moves I could do post sinus surgery.

  • Cindy Snow
    2 years ago

    Annette has truly worked a miracle for me TWICE! I first discovered her several years ago and I remember I cried tears of joy and relief because for the first time I felt like somebody truly understood my situation! She gave me hope and motivation to improve and that I did! Over time my osteoporosis has become so severe that I could not stand up straight or walk and I was experiencing pain…she gave me hope and I am now upright and walking (with walking sticks at first) and everybody is noticing. The pain is gone and it is no short of a miracle! Annette is caring and compassionate. She listens to what the patient wants and uses her excellent expertise and experience to help them meet their goals. I cannot say enough about what Annette has done for me and I highly recommend her to Everyone. I am so lucky to have found her. She has a great sense of humor and everyone in that office seems to have a good time

  • Natasha Rodriguez
    2 years ago

    I met Annette while pregnant and severely disabled. I developed a persistent sciatic pain that effected my daily life. I started to loose myself in sadness thinking I wouldn’t be able to do the simplest of things without the help of a walker. Annettes positive attitude was a breath of fresh air. She was very confident in my ability to get myself stronger. With her help over the course of a few weeks, I DID! Throughout my time with Annette, I learned so much and gained confidence in my body. Some of the work was TOUGH and time consuming but I trusted her and the process and it was so worth it. Annette not only showed me so much compassion during my time with her, but she went above and beyond to make sure I understood WHY I was doing the exercises I was doing. She explained to me in detail when I had questions about my exercises or questions on how they would help my body. I left with valuable knowledge and printed papers that I now have in a binder for future reference. After 12 weeks of working with Annette, I was able to get rid of my walker and walk with less pain then when I first met her. I am forever grateful to Annette! Her kindness and big heart is a rare find in a physical therapist! I’d recommend her 100times over! THANK YOU Annette!!

  • Lorie Tilley
    3 years ago

    I met Annette after being referred by Ray Kusumoto PA-C for unitary in continence and lower back pain. I had had back surgery for a herniated disc the year before and found a lot of relief but still had pain and weakness. On meeting Annette I was pleased that she was so reassuring and put me at peace as she explained everything to me. One of the things that impressed me the most was how to empower me to take back control of my body. She did this through mindfulness, breathing exercises and specific exercises. She was always encouraging and professional. I will always be great full for the help she has given me and I count her as a friend. I now have so much more control of my body. Confidence and freedom are a gift the Annette has given me.

  • Rebecca I
    4 years ago

    Annette is AWESOME, my 1st appointment I was having a hard time walking without pain. At the end of the my appointment I was able to walk out with very little pain. She helped me reline my pelvic and I am now able to do the things I enjoy, like working in my yard. Annette is very knowledgeable, friendly, professional, positive, caring, and really motivated in helping you in your recovering. I am so blessed to have Annette as my Physical Therapist.
    Annette you are truly blessed.

  • Rene Pledger
    4 years ago

    Annette is a a very knowledgeable, friendly and professional Physical Therapist. I’m so thankful she specializes in pelvic health because she was such a motivating factor in my recovery from my hip injury in January of this year.
    She is such a positive caring person with a gentle soul. Very healing qualities for a health care professional.
    I have been recommending her care since my treatment ended earlier this year and am glad to leave a review here on her behalf. My hip is back to functioning at 100% If I ever need further care I am definitely returning to Annette for treatment.

  • Eliana
    4 years ago

    I first met Annette last year. I had been referred to her by Dr. Armstrong. I had been suffering with pelvic floor pain for 9 years, going from dr to dr with no relief.
    When I met Annette I was so relieved that I could talk about my pain without shame. I felt so comfortable in her office. I remember hearing her say I was part of the “silent sufferers.” She provided treatment and was always so gentle with her words. She helped me stay positive and reassured me that there was hope.
    I am so grateful that I met Annette because I can now fully understand my condition and triggers.
    Thank you Annette for your kind words and encouragement!

  • Wendy
    4 years ago

    First, somehow I entered the review in a previous location where Annette worked years ago, and obviously, it did not show here. However, Annette is wonderful, so I don’t mind repeating the process. I was referred to Annette due to a long history of pelvic pain that became evident at a medical appointment. It never crossed my mind that a fall I suffered at the age of 16, would have such a significant impact later on: atypical painful monthly symptoms, and even a complicated labor and delivery. The symptoms ceased immediately after my initial session with Annette. She has been Heaven-sent in my life. It has been almost a year since I was referred to her, and I have not experienced the pain that was a norm in my life. I did not know there was such a specialty, but I am so glad, just like I am thankful for Annette. She is exceptionally professional and mindful of her patients, especially given the issues and symptoms that she treats. I wish I had met her earlier in my life… it would have spared me from years of pain. Blessings to you, Annette! Thank you for all you do and your continued willingness to do it! Needless to say, she has my recommendation.

  • Loree Van Bebber
    4 years ago

    WOW!! Annette Is a wonderful Health Care Professional, she helped me with my Pelvic Floor issues. She made me feel very comfortable. I was concerned before my first appointment, that I might be embarrassed, or it would hurt, or there would be no help for my situation. Annette helped me every week to balance my body, breathe while keeping my body in alignment and reliving internal pain.

    At my first appointment Annette was so kind and informative. At all of my appointments I was greeted by her wonderful office staff…they were always delightful.

    Annette made sure I always had Complete directions on all of the yoga poses and exercises and movements that I needed to focus on until my next appointment. Although we started as Doctor and patient, after my therapy I feel she is my friend.

    I am Blessed that Dr. Armstrong referred me to Annette.

    Thank you Annette, you have helped me to enjoy all parts of my life.

  • Bea Gonzales-Ramirez
    5 years ago

    I first encountered Annette when my Pain Management doctor (Ariel Hurtado) told me that my hips & SI joint pain issues couldn’t be managed by ultrasound guided injections any further in early 2019. I had had bi-lateral hip replacement surgeries in 2018. The first surgery, my right hip, was in June 2018, and the second surgery was in December 2018.

    My June 2018 surgery went off without a glitch! I was walking for the first time in 5 years with NO PAIN or discomfort. June through October was an awesome time for me. I was recapturing my vigor & vitality for life! I could work and enjoy my life and social activities without limitations. My walking and mobility were fantastic, and I didn’t need my walker nor cane anymore. My surgeon and regular PT had both released me to regular duty. And, I felt like I was on cloud nine! I began to lose weight and began to tone my body, which had been neglected for over 5 years!

    But as the date of the second surgery approached, I began to experience intense lower back pain and excruciating pain in my left hip and pelvic area. I knew that I needed the second surgery as soon as possible, but since I am a school teacher, I had to wait until the end of the semester in December 2018.

    Unfortunately, in December, I wasn’t in the best of health, but I pushed for my surgery due to the tremendous amount of pain that I was suffering from. I had been on prescribed pain meds an muscle relaxers for nearly 18 months by now, and they didn’t seem to alleviate much of my discomfort. During my surgery in December, I suffered from many complications, and after the surgery, the PAIN never quite went away. My GP referred me to Dr. Hurtado, who in turn referred me to Annette for my SI joint discomfort and my pelvic instability.

    Meeting Annette was a GODSEND! She was so sweet and gentle, yet professional!! She began to work her MAGIC on my body, and I couldn’t believe the results that we yielded! We began with the pelvic floor exercises — which I didn’t think would do anything for me because they seemed so simple! But, with the level of pain that I was at, I had no choice but to follow her directions and do my part by exercising at home and at the gym in the therapy pool.

    Annette is so knowledgeable and skilled that she identified and corrected 3 out of 4 of my trigger points. I had been suffering from excruciating leg and thigh cramps for almost 10 years! Nothing seemed to help!!! And no matter how many doctors I sought help from — 5 of them so far — none of them was able to address the underlying causes of my cramps, discomfort and mobility limitations. All they wanted to do was throw more pain medications at me. But, because Annette is so skilled and talented, she worked on my trigger points and alleviated nearly 90% of the pain and cramping that I had been suffering from for over 10 years!!! You cannot imagine the relief that she brought into my life!

    One of my PT goals – as silly as this may sound — was to be able to bend over and put on my shoes and socks by myself. My lower body had become so rigid that I could not bend sufficiently to accomplish that simple task! Even with the two hip replacement surgeries, I could not put on closed-toe shoes or socks without help. Regardless of the weather since I live alone, I had to wear slip-ons due to my severely limited flexibility. I couldn’t even tie my own shoes! But through Annette’s guidance and patience, we accomplished my goal. Every time we had a PT session, she would follow up with print outs of the exercises that we covered that session.

    To date, I still have times where my body is stiff, but all I have to do is remember the tips and exercise that she shared with me, and I can alter my own pain level and discomfort. I thank the Lord that Annette was placed in my path in life. Though we still have some work to do to fully accomplish my unlimited mobility, I have faith that Annette will help me through the next phase of PT.

    I highly recommend her if you are suffering from limited mobility in your core area of your body. Through Annette’s expertise, patience, kindness, guidance, and professionalism, I believe that you too will meet your goal.

  • Sue Thomas
    5 years ago

    Annette Estrada is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work to help others out of pain. She explained what she was going to do and the reason behind it which helped me feel relaxed and safe. She is a very positive and encouraging professional who truly wants to help the patient. She showed me the exercises to do that would help my situation. And taught me how to be mindful of how I am holding and treating my body that will help in achieving a pain free lifestyle. The exercises and breathing techniques she taught me (which I still do) has been very beneficial in my returning to doing things in my life that I had to previously give up.

  • Ruth Wratten
    5 years ago

    Annette Estrada has helped me twice now with her knowledge and expertise in both my pelvic floor issues and also helping me with my swollen scares after my breast cancer reconstruction surgery. I saw Annette once a week in an extended session for my pelvic floor issue. Annette gave me explanations, handouts and exercises to do at home. When I returned to my GYN he was extremely pleased with my progress and I was told I no longer had the pelvic floor issue. My swollen scars have been worked on by Annette just recently and I just finished my visits. All is well and My swollen scars are now flattened out. Annette again gave me handouts and instructions to work thru at home each time and I will continue to address my scars. Annette is a miracle worker with boundless energy, extreme professionalism and a kind heart and demeanor.

  • Cindy Dalcin
    5 years ago

    Google review
    When I first came to Annette Estrada I was in the most unexplainable excruciating pelvic pain. I had already been through a surgery in which my ovary was removed. I was taking pain pills that proved to be unsuccessful and I was desperate for answers and a cure. Needless to say, I was entering into a depression and withdrawing from everything I love to do. The first round of pelvic floor therapy I was skeptical about the process and I have to admit I put little effort into my recovery. Still, Annette was compassionate and gentle towards my case. A year went by when I was finally diagnosed with Intersticial Cystitis (IC) or Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS). Now, my second round of pelvic floor therapy, I decided to do everything that was suggested. Annette taught me and coached me daily. I saw her twice a week where she identified trigger points, taught me breathing and the importance of relaxing my body’s position. She showed me how to stay in awareness of my thoughts and to notice how my body is reacting to my thoughts subconsciously. Annette made connections with post traumatic stress and the need to awaken my spirit towards positive energy. In my case it would be through a relationship with God. Under Annette Estrada’s professional care I was treated in a safe, clean and private environment full of motivational and empowering words. I experienced numerous breakthroughs in pain management by trigger point massage and breathing techniques . I experienced an awakening of my spirit through encouragement and coaching. Stretching and breathing are essential to living a pain free lifestyle. I left Annette’s care empowered again to live with hope.

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