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Pelvic Guru and Social Media – Daily Posts

Pelvic Guru on Social Media

Did you know that we post regular updates on the latest news and happenings in the world of pelvic health on Facebook and Twitter?

(On occasion, LinkedIn and possibly soon on Instagram and Snapchat). Join us on social media if you are a medical professional or someone in the community who’s interested in women’s health, men’s health, pelvic health, and sexual health! Topics presented cover all sorts of areas:  pregnancy/postpartum, medical advances in pelvic health, exercises for the lower spine, hips, and lower extremities, latest research on medical conditions related to the pelvic region, funny cartoons, and so much more!

Social media connects people from all over the world!

Facebook:  Pelvic Guru 

Twitter: @pelvicguru1

Here’s a sampling of some of the top posts in the past.


Looking forward to seeing you on social media!

~ Tracy Sher

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