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Frequently Asked Questions About MUTU System for Patients and Clients:

1. It is safe program for core and pelvic floor that starts with basic exercises and gradually increases intensity levels (you can self-pace or go through the full program on schedule). It does not replace medical evaluations and a pelvic physical therapy assessment/recommendations, however, it can be a great starting point (once medically cleared)

2. This program includes a nutrition component

3. You have online access to a full community of women going through many of the same experiences as you. You can ask questions in the community group and receive support from staff and MUTU Certified Pros.

4. It is fully online so you can do the exercises in the privacy of your home.

5. It can complement any type of physical therapy or medical program with which you are involved as well.

There are a variety of excellent programs out there. It is most important to choose a program that suits your needs and desires in terms of convenience, time required, general ‘feel’ of the experience, and program package (nutrition, online support, etc). MUTU System a global leader for providing a robust client experience and it is much more than simply an online exercise program.

Though the program is marketed and directed toward women after baby, this program is safe for any woman or man that wants to progress through a full body exercise program with a focus on gentle exercises for core and pelvic floor.

Many women who experience changes from pregnancy still benefit from this type of program, even many years later.

It is always advisable to communicate with your healthcare provider to make sure that any exercise program you choose is appropriate for your condition.  Overall, MUTU is safe and progresses slowly over time. You don’t have to complete the full program either. For example, you can simply only do the “core phases” or only do phase 1 of the program and repeat it.

MUTU System is not meant to replace medical advice or individualized physical therapy. It is highly recommended to seek out medical advice and/or an evaluation with a qualified pelvic health physiotherapist (also called pelvic physical therapist or women’s health physical therapist) if you continue to have symptoms or notice a change in symptoms.

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