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Tracy Sher offers mentoring for PTs

Frequently Asked Questions About MUTU Pro Certification for Health Professionals:

MUTU System™ is the leading online postnatal fitness program globally.

As a certified Pro, you get direct access and marketing to thousands of women who are seeking professionals trained in this program. They are seeking your services, and as a member of the Pro Directory, they will find you. It’s one of the only certifications that has a direct connection to a global community of thousands of women seeking postnatal health /women’s health services. It isn’t just a piece of paper or letters behind your name.

You are also part of a growing global community of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds – physiotherapists, personal trainers, doulas, yoga and pilates instructors, chiropractors, and more. We support each other and connect with each other regularly.

There’s no way to directly compare each pregnancy and postnatal certification with another. It depends on your goals and needs for education. MUTU Pro Certification serves as a direct connection between health professionals and a community of women all over the world. The certification has an educational component that reviews core, pelvic floor, exercises, postnatal considerations and much more. Most importantly, the focus of the certification is on:

1. How to integrate the online MUTU System program into your own practice with patients or clients AND

2. Proven ways to connect directly with clients who are looking for you and improve your business.  You will be featured in the MUTU Pro directory and have access to numerous images and social media opportunities to market your business locally. You have a full team dedicated to helping you.

This training is an adjunct and a complement to everything you already do. It does not require you to create programs specific only to MUTU.

MUTU Pro certification is definitely based on the latest evidence. The certification process focuses on practical applications and exercises and the business benefits of being a pro.

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