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Low Pressure Fitness Level 2: A Certification Series – SELF-PACED with Tamara Rial

June 3, 2021, 9:00 pm EDT

Low Pressure Fitness Level 2 with Tamara Rial


Tamara Rial, PhD, CSPS

Dates & Location:

This course can be found online and self paced HERE.


Low Pressure Fitness Level one is required in order to participate in level 1 with Tamara Rial.   

Course Description: 

This two-day continuing education seminar is the next step in the Low Pressure Fitness Certification Series for those professionals who already have taken level 1 with Dr. Rial and what to progress with their application of the Low Pressure exercises with their clients. This will be the first edition of the level 2 course delivered by Pelvic Guru. Tamara will teach you how to design group classes and introduce dynamic and more advance sequencing of exercises for your clients. You will also learn how to properly teach, assess and guide the intermediate level of your clients low pressure training. You will advance your knowledge, practice, and expertise in teaching and applying the intermediate sequence of Low Pressure Fitness exercises. This course includes both lecture and lab components. It’s a highly practical course so don’t forget your mat! Secure your place for the only level 2 edition of 2020! 

What People have been saying about Low Pressure Fitness Level 1: 

“There is very little structured education about the hypopressive technique, except for this course. The science of “why” hypopressives work in conjunction with the real-life feedback from those who actively practice hypopressives is quite impressive. I highly recommend this course for any health and fitness professional looking to restructure their breathing patterns, for bodybuilders looking to perfect the vacuum technique, and all women’s health professionals.”

“This is a great class for the pelvic health practitioner to help patients who need to improve tone and automaticity of the pelvic floor for support, as well as improve abdominopelvic organ mobility. A game changer, and highly recommended!”

“One of the best course I have taken in a long time! I can’t wait to do level 2/3!”

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to take this course. I am the only personal trainer that I know with the certification. Both my in person, and my online business has grown significantly because of this course. I love being one of the few that is credentialed in low pressure fitness.”

“This course really challenges my thinking and approach to treatment with regards to many health concerns not just women’s health. There was plenty of published data to back teaching points. The instructor was clearly very experienced and a critical thinker. Great course!”

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