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Trying to start a comprehensive pelvic health/women’s health program at your hospital or outpatient clinic?

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Want to learn how to start or integrate pelvic physical therapy into a hospital or outpatient program?

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  1. How do I find a pelvic floor therapist in my area? I live in just south of Daytona Beach, FL. I am 55 and have 4 kids (twins and two singles) and am also a powerlifter.. everything on these pages FITS with my weird feeling in my pelvic area.. heaviness, feeling like it does not support, urinary incontinence with heavy lifts.. this got MUCH worse after my twins.. but I didn’t know why.. I would drive to Orlando if that is closest as I want to compete again in powerlifting but don’t want to have a major pelvic blow out. Help!

  2. I was 48 when after having a hysterectomy, came down with Pudendal Neuralgia. I had suffered in the past before the hysterectomy so I didn’t entirely blame the hysterectomy. It was only after the hysterectomy that my pudendal nerve pain remained constant and was a permanent disease. Over the years I saw many doctors from OB/Gyn’s to family doctors-all.all of them dismissed me and acted like I was cracked. A common comment “well, everything looks fine, so I don’t know what your problem is.” Pain, pain was my problem I’d tell them. I finally chased down a diagnosis when my family (female) doctor referred me to Standford for evaluation. After a five minute exam, the doctor said “pudendal neuralgia, you need physical therapy”, she handed me a card and I never saw her again. I had my son do some research since I was unable to function and he found Dr. Jerome Weiss. I went to see him after a painful four month wait. He told me I wouuld see him once or twice and then just his physical therapist. As a side note, Dr. Weiss did accept my insurance and I was forced to pay cash $495.00 per visit for him and $200.00 a visit for his physical therapist. I saw him everytime I went (once a week) and also the pt. This went on for a year and half when he finally sent me to St. Josephs Hospital in Arizonia-Dr. Michael Hibner. He did no work up himself, as he said that if Dr. Weiss says I require surgery then surgery is what he’ll do. I had my first surger in June 2011 (right side) and the second side on November 18, 2012.To this day, I continue with pain though it is lesser but I do not believe I received the care I was seeking. I currently take Methadone, Oxycodone and do PT in the pool. I am looking for someone who will finish the job. Give me a nerve stimulator. I do not like taking the Methadone or Oxycodone. I need help! I remain in pain with the use of opiates and require further evaluation, even after surgeries. Please reach back to me as I have suffered with this for 5.5 years. Signed, Always in pelvic pain, Carol Heaton

  3. Am desperately looking for authentic help/healing for the condition referred to as PGADS.
    This is so intolerable! I have seen so many different doctors, allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic and still…..I am suffering constantly. I am so poor now that I can barely afford food yet, the pathetic medical insurance I do have is essentially useless. Is there ANY real Help for me with this bloody awful condition?
    Thank you

  4. I suspect I have a Pudendal issue as I have ongoing discomfort in the rectum area along with constipation. A colonoscopy, rectal exam and CT scan have found nothing to identify the cause. Do you know of a doctor in the Charotte, NC area who specializes in this diagnosis and treatment? Thanks!

  5. I have an issue with muscle spasms in my sphincter, causing what feels like nerve pain in my rectum. It’s not constant, but I certainly feel it when I get worked up. Can happen once a day or 5 times a day. It will usually subside when I relax thoughts. I carry a lot of stress. Ice usually numbs it and makes pain go away. Originally thought it was a hemmoroid caused by lifting weights, Colonrectal surgeon did full rectal exam, saw no hemmoroid and felt it was a muscle issue after poking around, prescribing IB 800 MG and muscle relaxer. Could the tightnesss, stress and muscle spasms be pressing on my pudendal nerve? Could I have injured a muscle doing weight lifting and the inflammation be impacting nerve. I do not feel the nerve pain anywhere but rectum when my muscles tighten up. I will be in Orlando on business in a couple of weeks if issues persist.
    Thanks so much.

  6. I have a problem and i dont know if i should go to a dermatologist or a gynocologist my vulva is very itchy and it has prominent rough skin around the vagina and in the intrance. I used to have eczema in that area but i dont know if thats an infection or fungai or eczema

    • It would be best to find a vulvar dermatologist. If you can’t find that, try a dermatologist to make sure it is not related to eczema. But, it may ultimately be a GYN issue related to decreased estrogen locally in that area. So, you may need to go to both

  7. Hi, Im a Ive been living with pelvic and groin pain, ED. Getting worse and the years go by. Cant sit or stand for long. I had a bad bike crash while sitting down in the seat, there was no spine or any other fractures..EMGs 4 MRIs and blood work no arthritis. just a mystery?? Now 10 years” Its now debilitating. Ive been pretty much every where. My neuro guy said I might have PN.. Any help Please i will travel’ I need the a expert? I live in Ohio.

  8. Hi, my doctor didn’t give me much information at all about the vaginal dilators she recommended I use. I asked question after question with only vague responses. All she told me for certain was that I would have to buy them online and they should come with instructions. There is only one question I can’t find an answer to… I was wondering if after I complete using them and they work and I can have sex without the discomfort and pain. If I don’t date anyone or have sex for a long period of time (a few months to a year), will I revert back and have to use them all over again??

  9. I have been to every dr in my area the closest city where all my Drs reside is Roanoke VA
    my problems are started following a left hip replacement ..I was told by DUKE
    that an ultrasound showed the prothesis is impinging on the iliopsoas tendon every time i move my left leg
    This was communicated to hip surgeon but he offered nothing other than pain mgmt out if town . Duke also says I have pudendal nerve entrapment.
    I just saw the center for pelvic pain inaryland I road on blow up mattress in back of car that was 5 days ago I’m still in high pain. He stated that I can not really gave a MRN to look at nerves in pelvis because hip replace be R will cast shadows. He said I have two choices
    Pudendal/ sacral stimulator implant or pudendal decompression surgery. I am in level 10 pain most all the time. I tried to call back to ask questions following receiving pages of info about the stimulator but was told I would have to travel back to Maryland to ask questions which was a 6 hour drive and lying down I felt every bend and bounce in the road ..I feel so lost and so want my life back …is there anyone else that can embrace my situation ..Closer to Roanoke Virginia. I don’t want to live from the couch to bed..I miss sitting to play guitar..getting a haircut ..making love to my husband ..and so much more
    Please help..please it’s been severe high pain for 3 years now. Ironically in 2004 I received award for super healthcare hero …from the governor of I feel like I am a misfit with
    Very few options and support.

  10. Any recommendations for practitioners in the western Massachusetts area? My wife is suffering from pelvic and vaginal pain and is not having a great deal of progress with PT. We are willing to travel to Boston or NY.

    • Lots of fantastic pelvic PTs and physicians in Boston and NY. (I don’t know other places in Mass well enough). The pelvic PTs will also know physicians to recommend. Some names in Boston – Holly Herman, Dustienne Miller, Jessica McKinney. You can google search their name and pelvic physical therapy. Dr. Mark Conway is near Boston in NH. Or you can also look for people via our list of directories:

  11. Hi,
    I have tenderness through the sacrinophinous ligament just medial to the ischial spine. I have the tingly sensations too. It goes through my clitorus into my pudenda right plexus area. I live in an area where I’d continue going to PT( which was messed up and I ended up holding my pelvic floor in more because the new PT was wrong) and start with nerve block. I’ve had IC and Lyme for a long time. I just want to go to John Hopkins and get this taken care of because it seems like PNE. I cycled for many years seriously. Then I think I hurt it through trauma as a child.

  12. Hi
    My father is aging some where 75 years and since last 5 year he is having constipation problem and after many tests few days back we came to know via defecogram that he is having problems in his intenstine. Pouches took place in his intestine due to which stool could not pass from and it is becoming painfull day by day. My dad is ashthamaitik and under weight of 35 kg due to which surgery could not take place.
    So need your kind suggestion to come out with such problem.

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