20 May, 2016

Ketamine Infusion for Pelvic Pain. What is it?

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The topic of Ketamine infusions can elicit some strong concerns. Some clinicians are familiar with a type of infusion known as "Ketamine comas," in which people are placed in a medical coma and stay in an ICU for treatment. This is often viewed as quite extreme, and risky; and leaves many wondering the efficacy of such a treatment when the patient is not actively participating in recovery from a brain/pain connection. For clarification, the coma is not the only protocol available. Ketamine infusions can involve: 1. Outpatient "awake" protocol 2. Low-dose inpatient protocol 3. Ketamine coma. (In addition, there are now physicians who prescribe compounded ointments with Ketamine as one of the medications. This is not the same as an infusion. There's not enough data at this time about efficacy and safety of this approach with topicals.) Our guest blogger, Dr. Allison Wells, MD, is sharing information about the outpatient procedure. ~ Tracy Sher of Pelvic Guru

13 Feb, 2016

Find a Pelvic Health Professional: Ultimate Directory

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On a regular basis, we receive numerous requests to find pelvic health professionals in all areas of the world. The types of professionals on these lists include pelvic physical therapists, physicians, nurses and more.

19 Dec, 2013

Pelvic Guru 2013: Most Popular Posts of the Year

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Pelvic Guru 2013 - Most Popular Rankings What a fantastic 2013 ! Thank you all so much for viewing, supporting and sharing at Pelvic Guru - the blog website and social media sites. The positive

17 Nov, 2013

Bladder Pain and Bowel Issues – Oy! IPPS Conference Highlight Series, Part 1

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Bladder Pain and Bowel Issues - Oy! Highlights on these topics from the International Pelvic Pain Society Conference in Orlando, FL, October 17-20, 2013. The 2013 International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) Conference was highly anticipated

13 Jun, 2013

Save Time! G-Code PDFs for Pelvic, Ortho, Neuro are Now Available!

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We are elated! We completed another G-Code project for you! This time, we have PDF tables for Ortho/Spine and Mobility/ADL/Vestibular outcomes! Pre-Calculated to save you time. CLICK HERE to Access the PDF Files!  **The intent

5 Nov, 2012

Toilet Talk: Things You Should Know, But Probably Don’t.

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Parents can relate to the fact that we spend a lot of time potty training children. However, that's likely the only time we experience "toilet talk".  When I provide basic bowel and bladder tips to

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