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3Oct, 2017

What is Pelvic Health?

October 3rd, 2017|

Pelvic Anatomy 101 When we say pelvis, what came to mind first? Did you know that your pelvic region includes these parts and specialties? General areas of the body Bowel function Bladder function Sexual function Abdomen Spine Tailbone Orthopedic

20May, 2016

Ketamine Infusion for Pelvic Pain. What is it?

May 20th, 2016|

The topic of Ketamine infusions can elicit some strong concerns. Some clinicians are familiar with a type of infusion known as "Ketamine comas," in which people are placed in a medical coma and stay in an ICU for treatment. This is often viewed as quite extreme, and risky; and leaves many wondering the efficacy of such a treatment when the patient is not actively participating in recovery from a brain/pain connection. For clarification, the coma is not the only protocol available. Ketamine infusions can involve: 1. Outpatient "awake" protocol 2. Low-dose inpatient protocol 3. Ketamine coma. (In addition, there are now physicians who prescribe compounded ointments with Ketamine as one of the medications. This is not the same as an infusion. There's not enough data at this time about efficacy and safety of this approach with topicals.) Our guest blogger, Dr. Allison Wells, MD, is sharing information about the outpatient procedure. ~ Tracy Sher of Pelvic Guru

12Feb, 2015

Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders in Healthcare? Surprising Insights and Discussions About ‘Leaning In!’

February 12th, 2015|

Over the last few years, the disparity in women's leadership opportunities has been highlighted by successful professionals such as Sheryl Sandberg (TED talk) and Anne-Marie Slaughter (Atlantic Article). CAN women have it all?  Healthcare is not different from any other