share. Gulkana Glacier is a multi-branched valley glacier located in a continental climate regime on the south flank of the eastern Alaska Range in central Alaska. A very sad reminder that these beautiful places are quite unforgiving of mistakes. I really appreciate your support! Unknown Glacier (former tributary to Canwell) – 15 August 2017” → Tagged 4x4 Trail , Alaska , Canwell Glacier , Gulkana Glacier , hiking 2 Comments Search for: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Party: Eric Troyer Trip Location: Chena Dome Trail, 29 miles officially, but probably more like 30 or 31. There are numerous hiking trails in the area. (Bad knees, hip, etc) would the bridge be ok for her? (It is currently receding about 0.4 meters each year.) For somebody afraid of heights (like myself) it was frightening and also amazing to stand near the edge and look down hundreds of feet to the miles-long glacier running below. We saw a lot of people camping in the area since it’s flat and open. Gulkana Glacier is located about 175 miles southeast of Fairbanks, so the day began at 7:00 AM in order to have as much time as possible on the glacier. Access to the College Glacier begins at the same location as the Gulkana Glacier Hike. It is accessible by gravel roads from the Richardson Highway near mile post 197 at the Richardson Monument, just two miles north of Summit Lake and 12 miles north of … It’s a beautiful area! The road out to the trail head is a fairly easy dirt road but the last 1/4 is quite rough and the very last bit requires high … Trails for all walkers and hikers. Mile 67 on the Richardson, at the Richardson Memorial, take the gravel road to the east. Keep an eye on your time, as you return the way you came. The hike begins along the road. (My mom thought the bridge was terrifying, but I thought it was fun. N of Paxson, Alaska Range. You might want to go one at a time to eliminate extra bouncing if the bridge is intimidating. It’s only about 2.5 miles long and is fed by two small accumulation areas. This 1,892 square foot house sits on a 10,018 square foot lot and features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The Haggard Creek trail (Mile 161) runs through bogs and lowlands and intercepts the Gulkana in the Canyon Rapids area. The most challenging part wasn’t 20 miles of breaking first snow on the Colorado Trail, it was putting back on frozen shoes for this shot - Cataract Lake, CO (9/12/2020) - [4590x6882][OC] 32.7k. The idea is to head up to a small ridge just under 3800 ft in elevation. Based on Redfin's Martinsburg data, we estimate the home's value is $175,336. The easiest hike to a glacier available in the Alaska Range. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Hiking and travel guide to Alaska. Sign up at our office in the Student Recreation Center, online via myNookRec or over the phone at 907-474-6027.. There is a dirt road that leads northeast. ... Bear Creek “Trail” ... Gulkana Glacier. Gulkana is still waiting for the hospital to find A-negative blood to treat severe anemia she contracted during pregnancy. For those in good shape, hike over the rugged moraine looking for ice caves and other cool glacial features, or hike all the way to the “intersection” of the three branches of the glacier. The night was spent in a … If you find this content helpful or enjoyable, please consider donating a small amount. Read more. I haven’t been this year. When I was an instructor at the Northern Warfare Training Center, we’d go to the Gulkana glacier for some rope-team training. Northern lights over the researchers’ cabin in 2014 (Source: USGS). The sq. Hi! It’s only about 2.5 miles long and is fed by two small accumulation areas. Gulkana glacier part trail, part route in red. If you don’t feel up to the full hike up to the glacier, you do get a good view of the glacier about 1.5 miles in from the unofficial trailhead, making for a fun 3-mile hike. In 2015 a vigorous outflow creek blocked direct access forcing parties to traverse over unstable moraine until they could get on the glacier tongue. You can get right up to the glacier but you have to cross the river again if you want to hike on it. I wish to expand these guides and tutorials and keep them freely available, however, creating them is time-consuming and web-hosting isn’t free. Turn on this road; after about two miles, there will be a gravel airstrip on the right. Then hike the rest of the way into the glacier. About heads on Icefall Peak, trends SW to its 1950 terminus at head of Gulkana River, 14 mi. 16 Gulkana Glacier Ln is a house in Martinsburg, WV 25403. Riley ready to go. If I can’t find anyone that’s been down there in the last few days, maybe I’ll check it out this weekend. Then hike the rest of the way into the glacier. For Alaska snowmachine safety advocate Rich Runser, Saturday's death of a 9-year-old Fairbanks boy who rode into an open hole in the Gulkana Glacier and fell to his death just made me sick. Go as far as you like and explore the area, it’s gorgeous. As you continue hiking, you will see many wildflowers scattered along the trail. Gulkana Glacier Suspension Bridge. The Gulkana Glacier Trail is a great afternoon hike–about X MILES long—complete with two swinging drawbridges to cross before you reach the glacier. Thank you for your support! The night was spent in a small cabin used by researchers and other hikers. The hike out to the glacier is approximately 7 miles out-and-back, is moderately steep in a few places on a dirt road, unmaintained trail, and interpretive trail. mainstem Gulkana. If continuing on to the glacier, there will be a few stream crossings. Sadly a boy died while snow-machining on the glacier in 2016 when he fell 130 feet down a moulin in 2016. This 1,162 square foot house sits on a 9,148 square foot lot and features 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Although, crossing College Creek (the approach to College Glacier) over the eery suspension bridge does prove to be somewhat nerve-wracking for some. The “trailhead is a few parking areas approximately another 2 miles in (4 miles total). Gulkana Glacier – still very far away… The trail faded out after the first mile. Riley and I went out for another trip in September, this time in the Alaska Range. The Gulkana Glacier trail opens up early on and you’ll be able to see the glacier from a distance. Gulkana Glacier is one of the easiest glacier hiking experiences you can find in Alaska! We weaved around several patches and post-holed through the biggest ones. This is just south of the Captain Wilds P. Richardson monument (Mile 197.6), which offers an excellent roadside view of the glacier. In this post, I’m going to share how to hike Gulkana Glacier in Alaska. The suspension bridge will come into view on the left. Lakeview by the Gulkana Glacier Trail (GC151AX) was created by Arctic-Clan on 9/12/2007. I’ll update a few items in this guide later this week. Description for a few backcountry hikes possible near the Worthington Glacier starting at 2-miles and up. By now you should be mostly out of the brush. Take one part sketchy suspension bridge, add in 360 degrees of stunning mountain views, and top it off with an incredible ice arch at the foot of a glacier; that’s exactly what you’ll get and more when you make the trek out to the Gulkana Glacier. You may want microspikes or crampons. Gulkana Glacier Suspension Bridge. 11. Unfortunately, you may not know unless she tries it. After you cross the suspension bridge, you will follow the trail up over a hill and gradually descend towards the creek. Want to know the ingredients for an epically awesome day hike? I don’t feel like one is necessarily better than the other. A trail description and image describes the character, special features of the trail, and safety considerations. This home was built in 2016 and last sold on for. Gulkana Glacier We had quite the time this summer, from adventuring in Alaska to celebrating a wedding on the beaches of Florida and catching up with family and friends in St. Louis. It was a lot of fun, and the scenery was spectacular!! It could be a bit challenging on stabilizer muscles. share. This hike looks like a lot of fun. 0 comments. I highly recommend driving an off-road vehicle since the road is pretty rough with plenty of large rocks and some small creeks that you will need to drive over. We met up with the group in a parking lot at UAF and spent some time making sure everyone had crampons that fit their shoes. Could always try a few steps and see. The median list price per square foot on Gulkana Glacier Ln is $115, $ less than this home. In this episode my friends and I explore the Gulkana Glacier trail. Gulkana Glacier 2012 (Kinney) The trailhead for this special hike is located at the end of a two mile gravel road that exits the Richardson Highway to the east, a few miles north of Summit Lake. The main trunk of the glacier has a southerly aspect, and is fed by four cirques with west, south, and east aspects. Map and descriptions for numerous trails near the entrance and Visitor Center to Denali National Park. The hike is 6 miles round trip over variable terrain. I’ve heard of people crossing it last week, and haven’t seen any notices from the Alpine Club. Hello! Popular Charitable Galleries Abstract Landscapes Wildlife Glaciers Aurora Forest Water, All material Copyright Lee Petersen 2010-2020 For usage please contact me at 603-748-1057, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Pictures. This glacier hike takes you across one of the longest suspension bridges in Alaska. Before you leave the area, make sure to check out Gulkana Glacier Trail. The trail eventually peters out. Gulkana Glacier – still very far away… The trail faded out after the first mile. The suspension bridge is bouncy and really fun to cross. Because of the proximity to the highway, this area is frequently used by the military for training as well as by numerous educators and university researchers studying hydrology, glaciology, geology, climate and more. We mainly saw a lot of dwarf fireweed and bird vetch. Maps, photos, and information. Castner Glacier . The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is best used from May until October. It’s possible to see the Castner Glacier ice cave during the wintertime. Looking back I’m impressed by how much we were able to fit in. A trail profile illustrates the changes in elevation along the trail. The guidebook Delta Range: A Mountaineering Playground by Stan Justice is available in Fairbanks at Beaver Sports. If you only have time to hike to one glacier in Alaska, I wouldn’t suggest that you choose Gulkana Glacier. Gulkana Glacier a glacier in Alaska. You will gain just over 350 feet of elevation by the time you reach the toe of the Gulkana Glacier. ABOUT ANDREA KUUIPO PRIVACY POLICY AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE TRAVEL RESOURCES CONTACT, (Visit to identify whose land you live, work, and play on. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the main trail. It's an out and back about 6 miles total. The Gulkana Glacier trail opens up early on and you’ll be able to see the glacier from a distance. Alaska wildflower guide with many photos and galleries of photos with identifying information, nomenclature and taxonomy, uses, and links to more references. If not, could always have a nice walk along the river. Close. I hiked here a few years ago but this time we decided to spend the night. Gulkana Weather Forecasts. To get to the Gulkana Glacier cross the suspension bridge and follow the trail two miles until the trail peters out. Hi! I did this hike in 2013 and it was amazing!
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