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 share your live video and promotions with your customers. Now … Do check back soon or subscribe to Audi Updates to be kept updated with the latest news and promotions from Audi. Car loan monthly installment* 74 - Professionnel. You're getting a two-for-one with our newest drag race! "FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY" Get Better Offers Through Malaysia's Largest Trusted Dealer Network! **OUR CAR CONFIRM NO NEED TO REPAIR RS sport suspension c. Maintenance Cost LOCAL AP HOLDER (KL) Nous vous rappelons enfin que les Partenaires Audi ne commercialisent pas forcément l'ensemble des produits proposés sur ce Configurateur. a. Promotions > Audi Malaysia. Sport Exhaust Hot deals. TRUSTED DEALER Thank you. This 'Trusted Dealer' has a proven track record of upholding the best car selling practices certified by Twin ekzos Toyota. **BANK LOAN CAN GET RM110,000 AND 7 ... Uk spec Find and compare the latest used and new Audi RS3 for sale with pricing & specs. Follow up on your preferred offer and you're all set for a new ride! On. There are no offers available at this time. Overall Rating for this model (1 Reviews) 5.0 » View More . DRL, FULL LEATHER MAN ... AUDI S3 QUATTRO SEDAN 2.0 Recond Car . 5.0. YEAR: 2016/SEPT W86 UK Spec The compact sports sedan looks aggressive enough to suggest it's more than an ordinary four-door. Audi produces models such as the A1, and A3 executive compact cars, the A4, A5 compact executive cars, A6, A7 excutive saloons and the flagship A8 full-size luxury car. All. A moins que cela ne soit le contraire. Off. With its history rooting way back to the year 1885, the brand had only been known as Audi in the year 1928. L'Audi RS 3 est la déclinaison sportive, la plus extrême, de l'Audi A3. Compare. Off. Perodua. Paddle shift The centrepiece here is without doubt the engine, a … Parktronic The results in every case are approximate. Plus de résultats (1) ** Sous déduction de la durée de garantie accordée à l'annonceur avant la vente. Nissan. This helps protect our marketplace and guarantees a safe environment for both buyers and sellers. MING HENG MOTOR S/B is happy t ... Good Check out our complete 2021 Audi price list of new car models, variants and prices in Malaysia for all car brands. The engine sound is actually the best and most addictive thing about it! See All Brand. SEARCH NOW SAVE SEARCH. Mercedes Benz. Nissan. Unreg Mitsubishi. Audi, along with BMW and Mercedes are among the best-selling luxury automobile brands in the world. BLACK The company name is based on the Latin translation of the surname of the founder, August Horch. FREE SERVICE,TOUCH ... Audi RS3 TFSi Quattro d. Yearly Road Tax. Johor . Garantie 3 mois . Please check your connection and try again. When Audi launched the previous RS3 back in 2015, some bright spark at its advertising agency, doubtless tickled pink by the thought of a hatchback with a bisected, turbocharged V10 cylinder bank under the bonnet, had the idea of showing the car being ‘born’ to a tortured, sweat-covered R8 in a two-minute commercial. For rent. MODEL: AUDI RS3 QUATTRO TFSI CHS: 0129 YEAR: 2016/SEPT W86 EXT: BLACK / INT: BLACK SPEC: - DRL, FULL LEATHER MAN ... RM 284,000 . Ask for car registration card and please verify with the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) if the seller is registered as the owner of the car, and to check than it is not reported as stolen car. Promotions. Mf steering Reach more than a million c. Check out our Used Car Buying Tips Video here on other important points to look for when checking the condition of a used car. RS sport bucket seats Kuala Lumpur . Fuel Efficiency and Mileage Tout est dans le titre, la question est cruciale. S-TRONIC PETROL 2.5L 367PS 2016 YR The Audi A3 Sedan combines coupé characteristics with elegant design. 17 Audi Rs3 Cars for Sale in Malaysia. Audi rs3 - Found 41 Cars for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 1 of 2. EXT: BLACK / INT: BLACK Int black Mitsubishi. RM 284,000. … Buy and sell on Malaysia's largest marketplace. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONL ... MODEL: AUDI RS3 2.5 QUATTRO Toutes les informations exclusives de la gamme Audi Rs3 : présentation de tous les modèles et générations Audi Rs3 : essais de la rédac, les avis des propriétaires sur le site Caradisiac. Insist on a proper Sales and Purchase Agreement. Elec seat Invalid form data submitted! Please send me more information about the car, 2016 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - ,DYNAMIC,PADDLE SHIFT,362HP, UNREGISTER, 2016 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - QUATTRO (NEW YEAR SALES CHEAPEST PRICE IN TOWN) 362 HORSEPOWER PADDLE SHIFT QUATTRO ALL WHEEL DRIVE UNREG, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback - (A) -BEST DEAL-, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - QUATTRO UNREG, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - UNREG ( BEST DEAL), 2015 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - S 362 HORSE POWER, 2016 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - QUATTRO UK SPEC 363 BHB UNREG, 2011/2019 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - QUATTRO TURBO STAGE2 367HP WARRANTY, 2017 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback - Facelift 400HP Stock Bucket Seat, 2012/2014 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - True Year All Stock No Mods Ori Condition, 2017 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback - Sportback TFSI QUATTRO, PRICE NEGO , ORIGINAL MILEAGE , 400 HP, 2017 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - FULLY LOADED, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - TFSI QUATTRO UNREG, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - SPORTBACK S TRONIC. Honda. Brand, UNREG Home; Entire Malaysia; Cars; Mfg. On. Dynamic drive mode BMW. Audi. Enjoy enhanced safety with our own Buyer Protection program. All Dealer . **BUY & DRIVE ONLY b. E ... *** AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK TFSI QUATTRO LIMITED *** - unreg - direct import from japan - local kl ap - audi rs3 quattro - 2.5l engine - ... 2016 audi rs3 2.5 quattro /362 horsepower /paddle shift /quattro all wheel drive /unreg ... -sports rims -push start -keyless entry -multi-function steering -tv -usb ... 2018 audi rs3 2.5 hatchback quattro unreg local kl ap unreg "free 1 year gold plan ... Audi rs3 2.5 quattro uk unregistered 362 hp 2.5 turbo all wheel drive hatchback 4 ... specifications: the rs 3 features the powerhouse 2.5-liter five-cylinder tfsi® engine, ... Audi rs3 2.5l quattro + hot deal 2015 year unreg for sale !!! Mmi Elle est proposée en deux versions : Sportback ou Berline. Entire Malaysia. MODEL: AUDI RS3 QUATTRO TFSI Audi quotes 4.1 seconds – 0.2sec quicker than the old RS3 – and we suspect it’ll dip below that easily. Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. AUDI RS3 2.5L SPORTBACK S-TRONIC 201 ... 2016 AUDI RS3 2.5 HATCHBACK SUNROOF,JAPAN SPEC Make an appointment for a FREE car inspection session and quote. 5. Half leather seat Audi Updates . does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. For sale. Browse Malaysia’s best used Audi cars from the lowest prices. Dynamic drive m ... Assalamualaikum,Salam Sejahtera & Salam Hormat kepada TUAN TUAN & PUAN PUAN yang kami hargai. Hot Deal. Yap - 0122899514 Whatsapp - ; Quite comfortable seats and the interior ... Motor Trader is the best way to buy and sell new, used, and recond cars in Malaysia. CAR : UNREGISTERED 20000 KM . To save this car, remove some of your saved ads. Mf steering 19 ... {{ Enjoy Sale Tax Discount Up To 50% }} Acheter une Audi RS3 c'est aussi l'assurance d'une tenue de route redoutable et de posséder une voiture sportive non dénuée d'aspects familiaux. Auto cruise Compare Save. Home; Entire Malaysia; Cars; Mfg. Year Verified The RS3 will continue to use Audi's 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine. 14 Recon. 367bhp Audi RS3. Search title only Show only URGENT. We'll help you filter out and get the best offers from our Trusted Dealers! Black The all-new Audi Q3 Sportback. Audi proves tremendous performance can come in tiny packages with the boisterous 2020 RS3. Year Verified. SYARIKAT MELAYU DAN BUMIPUTRA Les outils d’aide à la conduite ne dispensent pas le conducteur d’être vigilant. 31 Used and New cars on | Buy & Sell on Malaysia's largest marketplace. See All Brand. 6. Featured. "Horch", meaning, "listen" in German, becomes "Audi" in Latin. Bluetooth Toutes les annonces Voiture Audi Rs3 d'occasion - Particuliers et professionnels - Annonces sécurisées avec La Centrale ® 19" motor poli ... ~~~~SALAM SEJAHTERA ~~~~ 3. 2011. KL AP CHS: 0129 Park sensor AUDI RS3 d'occasion: Achetez des voitures AUDI RS3 neuves et d'occasion qui correspondent à vos besoins chez AutoScout24. SUPER DEALS . Proton. ASKING PRICE: RM 312 K All. Failed to process request. 2017 Audi RS3 2.5 Black Edition Hatchback - , BUCKET SEAT , PRICE NEGO TILL LET GO , ORIGINAL MILEAGE , AAA CONDITION, 2016 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - Quattro TFSI 2.0, 2016 Audi RS3 2.5 Sportback Hatchback - (Sunroof B O Sport Exhaust) Unreg, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - U.K Approved Pre-Owned Unit Direct A.P Holder Genuine Mileage L SportBack TFSi 400-HP, 2018 Audi RS3 2.5 Hatchback - U.K Approved Pre-Owned Genuine Mileage Direct A.P Holder L SportBack TFSi 400-Hp, Electric Vehicles Incentives Double In Germany - As Expected, Nissan's COO Wants To Focus On Japan, China, And the USA - But Not ASEAN, 2021 GR Supra Sport Top - Long Live The Toyota Supra Targa Top, Overwhelming Reception Of The Proton X50 Means Some Will Only Get Their Cars In April. 1; 2; Enregistrer. All Dealer . website. Year Verified. 2018 Audi RS4 2.9 Wagon - AVANT RS6 A7 S5 A5 RS3 ***unregistered*** 2018 audi rs4 avant 2.9 tfsi quattro in the new audi rs4 avant, the ... RM 7,623 /month The interest rate on the loan that is being charged to you by the bank. Due to its quality build and powerful cars, the brand has been a customer attraction ever since its introduction to the market. Let us know a few details to get started. We will appropriate action towards the review. The innovative technology, including the Audi virtual cockpit, contributes to a comfortable driving experience. B&O sound system Search title only Show only URGENT. 2016 JAPAN SPEC RM 2,149.48, Checkout our Dealer Live Update for more promotions and sales. Compare Save. BY Cristian Gnaticov | Posted on December 25, 2020 December 28, 2020. a. Check the background and conditions of the car :- SEARCH NOW SAVE SEARCH. Browse Malaysia’s best used Audi cars from the lowest prices. Audi also makes performance versions of their cars, like the S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7, TTS and TT RS for owners who wants a little more oomph! - ... Audi rs3 2.5l sportback s-tronic 2018' {{ u.k audi approved pre-owned }} 100%- genuine ... Start by viewing cars and they will show up here, Price & Deposit must be numeric, greater than 0 and Deposit amount must be less than the vehicle price, Interest rate must be numeric and between 1 to 15, Repayment period must be numeric and between 1 to 15 years. We have all the information you need, from pictures to reviews to prices! Sales Agent This 'Trusted Dealer' has a proven track record of upholding the best car selling practices certified by We are unable to process your request at the moment. Audi also makes the Q crossover and SUV series of models such as the Q3, Q5, and Q7, while the TT and R8 make up their sports car segment. Behind its intake-heavy façade sits a 400-hp turbocharged five-cylinder engine that feeds a snappy automatic transmission and a proficient all-wheel-drive system. Lockdown this deal while getting your loan approved, let us secure your deposit with’s 100% Return Guarantee (* Terms Apply). 2016 Audi RS6 4.0 Wagon - AVANT TFSI QUATTRO RS4 RS7 RS3 ***unregistered*** 2016 audi rs6 4.0 v8 avant 4.0 v8 tfsi twin turbocharged 560hp ... RM 6,986 /month Service History, to ensure the car is serviced timely and verify the car’s exact mileage. The highly anticipated Audi Q3 Sportback has now arrived in Malaysia. YEAR : 2015 Enregistrer la recherche. Type of Warranty Bienvenue sur, découvrez notre gamme, notre réseau de Partenaires, nos services et innovations. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Audi rs5 - Found 49 Cars for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 1 of 2. The selling price of the vehicle you intend to purchase. Perodua. Combining the aesthetics and emotional appeal of a coupé, with the power and functionality of an SUV, the Audi Q3 Sportback is unlike any other SUV in the market. Paddle shift Dynami ... MALAY AND BUMIPUTRA PREMIUM DEALER For sale. -meet the audi rs3 ... 2016 audi rs3 2.5 quattro *chasis number 5248* uk spec unreg kl ap "free 1-3 year ... Assalamualaikum,salam sejahtera & salam hormat kepada tuan tuan & puan puan yang kami ... Audi rs3 2.5 facelift 400hp - yearmade 2017 - unregister #2042 - b&o sound system - ... 2012 audi rs3 2.5 8p sportback tfsi quattro (a) ... • rs3 exclusive [5 arms blade design 19`inch aw • single flame grille & bumper • ... **** brandon **** brandon **** brandon model :audi rs 3 sportback 2.5 tfsi ... Audi rs3 2017 unregistered fully loaded spec rare unit... immaculate condition ... **unregistered** **2018 audi rs3 sportback** **2.5 tfsi s tronic quattro** the new audi ... Audi rs3 2.5 tfsi quattro unreg 2018 full rs3 leather seat 16k miles original done ... Audi rs3 2.5 tfsi sportback s tronic manufacture year : 2018 blue exterior with black ... **** brandon **** brandon **** brandon model :audi rs 3 sportback 2.5 tfsi quattro ... #directdealer audi rs3 quattro tfsi 2.0 (0129) unreg uk spec 2016 black rm ... ~~~ price inc sst ~~~ 2016 audi rs3 hatchback 2.5t - unreg . It now allegedly makes 415 bhp (310 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-metres) of torque. The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union. Entire Malaysia. 5.0. 49 Used and New cars on | Buy & Sell on Malaysia's largest marketplace. This RS3 comes with the optional Audi Sport exhaust. La circulation des véhicules à moteur est interdite dans les milieux naturels. 2.5cc UNREG technical specs . All; Used; New; Recond; Sort by : Recent; Price ; Year; Posted on 13/12/2020. Audi's slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik, meaning "Advancement through Technology", and since 2007 Audi USA has used the slogan "Truth in Engineering". Sat Navi Other important Points to consider when choosing a used car The Audi RS3, RS5 Sportback, S4 and RS4 B7 (aka the old model) are all going head-to-head! Contact. Audi has revealed the new RS3 Sedan at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the first compact Audi sedan to wear the RS badge. Compare Save. AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK SPORTBACK 2.5 TFSI 340 QUATTRO S TRONIC 7. Home; Entire Malaysia; Cars; Mfg. 20 - 25K KM . For rent. Outstanding Loan, ensure that it is fully settled before the change of ownership takes place. Ici vous trouverez votre nouvelle voiture pour un prix raisonnable, vous pouvez comparer les offres de voitures facilement et rapidement et également proposer votre AUDI RS3 à … 1. Drl Int black 4. Audi rs3 - Found 31 Cars for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 1 of 1. Audi RS3. All interest rates, amounts and terms are based on a personal simulation by you and your assumptions of same. Cars. BMW. * Please use this calculator as a guide only. RS3 grows a boot at one end and ever more horsepower at the other. AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK PROMOTION! The company oversees worldwide operations from its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany and Audi-branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide. RM 3,829 / month. WhatsApp. JPN SPEC, INT BLACK, SPEED WARNING, PARKING AID, AUDI PRE SENSE, RAIN SENSOR, M/F ST ... Japan spec Voir la distance Voir la distance. Mercedes Benz. The German automaker known for its iconic four rings, Audi is one of the world’s most renowned automobile brands. 23 990 € Au dessus du marché. Paddle shift Automatic . PANG . WhatsApp. Active cruise ctrl Cote Audi Rs3 Fiche technique Audi Rs3. Model, and Variant. Contact. Get offers through dealers' bidding, completed with hassle-free ownership transfer. Sunroof 13 Recon. 164 000 km. Compare Save. Toyota. b. Your enquiry has been submitted. ~ DIRECT LOCAL AP HOLD ... Push start button All-New Audi RS3 Said To Debut In Sep 2021 With More Horses Than An Arabian Stable. Promotions More; Promotions; The new Audi Q family SUVs have arrived; The full size luxury class of Audi has arrived; We’re sorry. The amount of money you intend to pay on your own that is not covered by the loan you will be taking from a bank. Cars. Proton. Your personal details won't be shared with a third party. car buyers on Malaysia's trusted automotive This unit delivers rapid acceleration that's bookended by a joyfully unique … Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Installez vous à bord de l'Audi RS3 Sportback, son design, sa sonorité et sa motorisation vous transportent vers une expérience d’une intensité rare. {{ Enjoy Sale Tax Discount Up To 50% }} SPEC: - 66 Audi Rs3 Cars for Sale in Malaysia. Dans la case défaut, on cochera le manque de folie au volant, le tarif beaucoup trop élevé (62'900 euros en berline, assorti d'un Malus de 9.353 € ou 9.660 € en Sportback), et la visibilité bien trop réduite vers l'arrière. Hot deals. Muscular taut surfaces and strongly flared mudguards with pronounced wheel arches frame the wheels and ensure a sporty appearance. Overall Rating for this model (1 Reviews) 5.0 » View More . Honda. 2016 AUDI RS3 Audi RS3 2.5 turbo. Dealer This 'Trusted Dealer' has a proven track record of upholding the best car selling practices certified by Automatic . About Audi Malaysia. 15 AUDI RS3 for sale in Malaysia - Page 1 Refine Results. The duration (in years) that you have to pay off your loan to the bank in entirety. 2018 Audi RS3 Sportback Night POV on Autobahn and City Roads. Kuala Lumpur .
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