Lab Assistant Resume Examples. Collected DNA samples from mice and rats, running PCR reactions, using Chem DocRX to read electrophoresis gel. Developed, optimized, and validated fully quantitative and qualitative targeted MSIA (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay) assay for MIF (Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor); lead author of manuscript recently submitted in Proteome Science. Assisted in captive feeding trials with cover boxes, diets varying in toxicity, diets varying in fiber, and equivalence point trials between the 3variables. Research Technicians usually work in laboratories and perform duties like conducting tests, analyzing materials, maintaining inventories, updating records, operating lab equipment and reporting to managers. Experienced in providing lab technical assistance and support in research development, implementation and experimentation. Research Lab Technician Resume Examples & Samples Conducts research experiments in accordance with laboratory and safety protocols. No need to think about design details. Enlisted the assistance of veterinarians through careful consultation and excellent communication skills. Recruit subjects for ongoing laboratory studies, Use sterile technique for preparation of tissue culture reagents. Collected and performed plasma separation from KO mice blood samples. Created a database to catalog several thousand antibodies the lab has collective over the past three decades. Key role in translation of quantitative IGF-1 MSIA assay to 1000+ patient samples. Ran competition assays to determine ligand/peptide binding using ELISA/ELISPOT assays for identification of T-cell epitopes for Tuberculosis. Research and development of 'TOP SECRET' projects, as well as research of patent pending projects. Use the HSIP pathway request subject payment coupons. Giving general anesthesia, and monitoring vital signs of research animals. Lab Technician Resume; Lab Technicians collect and test blood and body fluid samples as well as document and forward accurate lab results to doctors. Interpreting and integrating data into detailed reports of synthesis. Prepared research experiments by setting up crop plots and planting experimental crops. Uses laboratory/computer equipment to conduct analyses of experiment data. Inventory management of all chemicals associated with research projects, and overseeing twenty-seven employees. Download Laboratory Technician Certification new from lab tech resume simple with resolution : 1024 x 600 pixel 6. Assisted in production of HLA class II transgenic mice by amplifying human and mouse genomic sequences and assembling them into an expression vector. On-the-job training is often provided for most Technicians. It’s actually very simple. Uses laboratory/computer equipment to create/print labels, Handles and disposes of hazardous and non- hazardous materials in accordance with safety protocols, Learns basic laboratory safety and, if appropriate, basic radiation or blood borne pathogen safety under the direction of the USC Safety Office and more experienced laboratory staff.9, Applicants must have formal training in vision science. Designed and executed protocols for extraction and isolation of DNA, RNA and proteins from multiple ant-species. Additional Medical Resumes are available in our database of 2,000 sample resumes. Supervised the care of research animals that included performing minor surgical procedures, and collection of animal tissue for laboratory analysis in accordance with IACUC practices. Participated as a product development team member on several products each year during my tenure (condensed soup, ready to serve soup, canned chicken, canned pasta and gravy). Assisted with the preparation of research publications, Analyzed research data that has already led to three publications so far, Optimized 96-well dispensing machine protocol for ERG I-412, Screened compound/fragment library with PCSK9 and ERG I-412, Performed data analysis of DSF results and reported findings to primary investigator, Integrated SPR, DSF, and DSC data to determine nature of compound interaction, Statistically analyzed the data collected using SAS software, Traveled to Nancy, France for 2 months to work on collaborative research on phytoremediation, Coordinated logistics for facility upgrade, integrated new equipment into ongoing research, Completed Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT) training, Directly assisted with colon cancer research treatments utilizing in vivo mouse models, Maintained research involving mice, rats, voles, fish, and frogs, Conducted research in Biosafety Level II (BSL2) environments, Enforced protocols and trained students and researchers in lab procedures and safety, Collaborated with multiple researchers and teams simultaneously to achieve timeline goals for research, Analyzed samples from emerging and unproven petrochemical extraction technologies using a variety of analytical laboratory equipment, Assigned research tasks to assistant technicians and assured completion, Evaluated laboratory processes and recommended improvements to tests or techniques, Created or modified standard operating procedures for laboratory, Performed safety audits and chemical inventories, Performed detailed testing to achieve optimal quality control in rubber extraction. Managed all husbandry and housing services for assigned rooms. Provided placement services of over 300 SCI and TBI patients, Developed informational brochures and a referral booklet for community assistance, Served as a community resource for students and lay persons for SCI information. Performed subcutaneous and intraperitoneal injections into KO mice. Independently organized and conducted all in-depth health inspections, written reports and documented all conditions of KO mice in our animal facility room. Professional Summary Reliable research technician with experience in a variety of research methods and techniques. Professional Summary Biomedical research Lab Technician with background in academic and pharmaceutical settings. Maintained laboratory conditions to meet IACUC and DEA code as well as University EHS policies. ... Research Assistant Entomology Lab, University of Maryland, College Park . Worked independently with little or no direct supervision. Maintained an up-to-date log of patient/donor samples acquired. Extracted and purified DNA, RNA and proteins from cultured tissue, ants and fruit flies, Trained postdocs, students, and new technicians in: cloning, protein purification, antibody purification, plasmid purification, and ant care and maintenance, Purified custom proteins from used in research as well as designer plasmids using various strains of E. coli, Generated several competent cell lines including BL21 (for protein purification) and XL10 gold (for cloning) for used by two dozen postdocs and students for their research, Worked in Saint Louis University Industrial/Organizational lab. Evaluates employee performance and provides guidance and feedback. As a lab technician, you perform the day-to-day procedures that keep research and medical labs running. Performed antibody purification using microscale column chromatography. This sample resume she created below for an entry-level clinical research technician features a headline, career summary, overview of research experience and scientific credentials to express the candidate's qualifications. ; How to Write a Resume Learn how to write a resume that lands you jobs. Performed tissue culture of human cell lines. Specializes in pharmaceutical and forensic research. Trained students and a visiting scientist in biochemistry lab techniques. Prepares and processes human specimens for routine and special research testing or shipping according to established procedures, Maintains accurate records of procedures used to conduct experiments. Implementation of new Capital expense equipment which included the purchase of a new monofilament line, repair of a Twin-screw compounder and the upgrade of an extruder for the running of flouropolymers.