However, it is important to find the books and methods that work best for you. From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party: If you want to become more fluent in English, you need to keep pushing yourself. Whether you like science fiction or romance novels, there are thousands of English books out there for you. They can, but they are not what I recommend. This video will tell you how to improve English vocabulary by reading books. About a Boy uses a lot of modern slang words and phrases. Harry Potter is a story about witches and wizards. I never agree with that practice. Of course, this is an exaggeration: there are at least a few things to buy and see! If you want to build, improve, or expand your vocabulary, books are your best resources. Looking up a definition doesn't do the trick for me (I will forget it in no-time) and writing down every single word I don't know is impractical. 3. Use sites like YouTube to watch English video clips and listen to English music. For example: magic, or mythical creatures like dragons, ‘Satire’ is a genre that uses humour to criticise the government or society. ONLINE WITH BRITISH This study proves my hypothesis to be correct; consistent reading does improve vocabulary, regardless of innate intelligence. In the book, the main character, Winston, tries to fall in love and struggle against the government in a world where his every move is being watched. Fitzgerald uses a wide range of vocabulary and images to bring out the beauty in the language. In a similar way, listening to news, and even audio books can greatly improve your vocabulary. Fun, Easy Reading Is The Best Way There is no doubt to improve reading very fast, you must read easy and interesting books (not textbooks). Whether you're a child, an ESL student, or an adult, you can always work on your vocabulary skills to get your ideas across, ace exams, … This might be objects or animals. As your skills develop, you can use these ‘decorations’ to bring your spoken and written English to life! Every time you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with or not too sure of the definition in that particular sentence, write it in your notebook. It even created a new word: ‘Orwellian’, which is used to describe things similar to the world described in the book. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Open your book and begin reading. Reading is one of the best ways to improve your English! How can I improve my vocabulary? Words and phrases, if you read every day, fill your brain with a new vocabulary that you might never have learned without reading books. In this study guide, we will explain how you can use simple novels to learn about English vocabulary, grammar and culture. Yes, you must read a lot (one hour a day or more), but you should read EASY books. Common writing techniques you should know. Ulysses by James Joyce Many learners, though, approach reading in English in the wrong way. Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction By Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, Linda Kucan ‘A rich vocabulary supports learning about the world, encountering new ideas, enjoying the beauty of language.’ This highly recommended book is relevant to all teachers from nursery upwards and not just restricted to … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This improves your learning abilities as well as memory. If you want to improve your vocabulary, and… The Party slogans are all contradictions, and examples of ‘doublethink’.