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Welcome to Pelvic Guru—your reliable source for all things related to pelvic health.

Mission of Pelvic Guru: To provide awareness and information about pelvic health to people around the globe to improve access to skilled healthcare providers, education, and online resources.

Let’s make a change! Normalize conversations and reduce shame and embarrassment. Join us!

In the private world of pelvic health—the world of prostate exams, pap smears, and colonoscopies—where can you turn for sound advice?

As a person with any kind of pelvic related issues, who can you trust with your concerns?

You can talk to your friends about back or knee pain, but pelvic health issues are different—it can feel embarrassing, shameful, and even isolating to tell anyone. Even if you have friends or family you can trust with these concerns, they usually only speak from their limited experience.

So many people experience issues in this area, and they’re afraid to ask for help. You’re not alone.

As a pelvic health professional, do you find yourself clicking around from website to website trying to find reputable information only to leave frustrated and with more questions than you started out with?

As a professional, you try to keep up with the latest relevant research, but you have a full schedule of patients or clients, you just don’t have the time, or maybe you’re frustrated figuring out how the research applies to clinical applications. You’d love a way to get the best resources and information without having to reinvent the wheel. A reliable and evidence-based “easy button!”

We get it. This is why Pelvic Guru was created.

We’re passionate and we’re committed to making sure more health professionals are trained in the latest research and interventions for pelvic health conditions. We break down the latest research for you, and most importantly, we decode what it means and how you can implement complementary strategies.


This is your community. Your safe spot on the internet where you can turn for easy access to pelvic health information—straightforward, no fuss, never pretentious, always light-hearted and educational—maybe even, dare we say, FUN?

Sometimes your pelvis needs a professional—a Pelvic Guru.

Who Pelvic Guru is for:

  • People with pelvic health concerns looking for strategies to solve them
  • Health professionals looking for reliable pelvic health information that doesn’t just talk about what the research says—Pelvic Guru provides the time-saving resources for you
  • People and professionals looking for a fun, safe space, and enjoy being part of an education-centered community
  • You are looking for hope and solutions
  • The curious. You’ve heard about the latest fads in pelvic health, but they just don’t seem like a good idea. Trust your gut – and your pelvis! We investigate all the fads

Pelvic Guru isn’t for you if:

  • You want advice like, “go take a yoga class” or “try the latest jade egg,” without providing you a detailed understanding of why you should do this, how to do it right, and what exactly to do
  • You think all of your problems can be solved by watching the latest fad videos on how to get a “tight tummy” or avoid “dead butt” (that’s not a real thing).
  • You’re looking for a bunch of facts with no practical interpretation
  • You’re looking for a magic pill
  • You want to vent or complain
Tracy Sher

Hi! I’m Tracy Sher

I’m the founder of this information-packed website, Pelvic Guru, and I’m excited to partner with the other gurus on this site to bring you the best and most relevant pelvic health research through blog posts, videos, and courses.

I’m on a mission to present you with rock-solid pelvic health information from numerous experts, including physicians, fitness experts, researchers, clinicians, physical therapists, sex therapists, and sex educators with a wide array of degrees and backgrounds—all with the evidence to back up what they teach.

Since 2000, I’ve worked as a Pelvic Physical Therapist (and certified fitness professional), specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, sexual disorders, pregnancy and postnatal health, and fitness. In 2013, I started a private practice, Sher Pelvic Health and Healing in Orlando, Florida. I enjoy the opportunity to help patients from all over the U.S. and the world.I also love taking the stage and teaching courses and speaking to physical therapists, physicians, nurses, fitness experts, and community groups.

I started this blog as a hobby and as a way to connect with other pelvic health professionals. I quickly learned that professionals and patients were hungry for more information about pelvic health—I received countless emails about how readers enjoyed the non-traditional, sometimes humorous way I shared pelvic health knowledge. When my email inbox was flooded and phones at the clinic started ringing off the hook, I knew there was a need for this type of information—so I kept going.

The information you find here comes from many pelvic gurus from various specialty fields and the blog has grown to a reliable source to turn to for valuable information, funny stories, and support. We are just warming up and can’t wait to share the world of pelvic health with you! It warms our hearts when we see the positive changes happening just by starting a conversation about pelvic health.

Thank you for visiting our safe (pelvic) space on the internet! We love your guts!

In good (pelvic) health,

Tracy & The Pelvic Guru Crew

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