Pelvic Fashion is the New Black!?

“Pelvic” fashion appears all over social media these days. There’s lots of sharing and laughing about it. In fact, people love sending pictures of these things to Pelvic Guru. We decided to feature some of the items for the self-proclaimed “pelvic aficionados ” out there who will fully embrace them – either in jest or to find complete professional or fashion nirvana. They aren’t on sale (yet) at Pelvic Guru…Enjoy!! We are JUST the pelvic fashion messengers… What’s your opinion on all of this? Too much?


10429243_10204624702993685_8561148105566616609_nTop 5 Items

1. Flatulence Shreddies Undies for Women and Men

From the Shreddies Healthcare Underwear site: “Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear features a ‘Zorflex’ activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odours. Due to its highly porous nature, the odour vapours become trapped and neutralised by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment.”

fart confidence fart undies

2. Vulva purses and wallets

Check out the Velvet Vulva line of purses and bags.

velvet vulva bag

Here are other types of purses and bags found…

vulva change


3. Did you know pelvic bones are the new cleavage?

Yes, it’s true according to many style magazines in 2014. There’s even a  term “pelvage” to indicate this!  You can Google it! Check this out!  *The models are not included. 🙂



4. Vulva Dresses and Hats

Or… you can just have a vulva ON your clothing or hat.

There’s actually a website that features the “Vagina Dress Collection.” The part you can actually see is the vulva, but the Vulva Dress Collection doesn’t have the same ring, huh? Check out some of the dresses!

1 vagina-gown

5 Marchesa+Spring+2011+Collection+13b

15 vagina ultima dress


5. Pelvic prints on clothing.

How can one go wrong here?

Sequin Skeleton Skirt

skeleton skirt


Pelvic Sorcerer Shirts

pelvic sorcerer

Pelvic Ties


pelvic tie


Pelvic Undies:

“Uterus Briefs” 

uterus undies


“Pelvic Bone Undies” 
woman pelvic undies



6. Go Commandos 

This product is the REAL DEAL and not a joke at all. They are actually awesome! This is for women who don’t want to wear underwear. This applies to any woman, and particularly those with vulvar pain and pelvic floor issues. The company states “I am the cotton crotch without the panties. I stick directly in your clothing.”


7. Pelvic Jewelry and Other Accessories

It just makes sense to accessorize with a pelvis or two, right?

Male Anatomy Necklaces and Earrings? HUH? (I can’t make this up… see for yourself)

male_pelvic_region_artwork_earring_heart_charm male_pelvic_region_artw_silver_portrait_necklace


Bronzed Pelvis Necklace Charm

pelvis necklace

Vulvar Necklace Charms??

vulvar necklace charms


Vulva Lovely Charms 

vulvar charms


Who knew there’s so much out there for those who want to have “PELVAGE” or accessorize with some pelvic anatomy? This is just a sampling. Trust me.

For a fun listing of pelvic products, check out the Pelvic Guru Pinterest “Pelvic Stuff” Board. We will continue to add to this…


5 thoughts on “Pelvic Fashion is the New Black!?

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  2. Any exactly how is this helping our cause ? Get your shit together qnd stop insulting those in pain with this bull shit . Or take me off you blog list

    • This blog features serious stuff and humor. Some people who follow this are pelvic health professionals dealing with a lot of emotional cases. Levity about the pelvic region can be good for some as well. No offense intended.

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