The Ultimate Pelvic Anatomy Resource: Articles, Links, and Videos, Oh My!

The Ultimate Pelvic Anatomy Resource post has been updated again! I’m excited to share the additional resources. I hope you find this helpful. If there are other links, videos, or research articles you’d like to see on here, place that information in the comments section.

Pelvic Guru

Ever wanted a resource with articles, pictures and videos of pelvic anatomy all in the same place? Here it is!  I’ve been putting this together for a while and am very excited to share this with you! This resource will  evolve and update as new, exciting links are found. The content ranges from basic articles to in-depth anatomical reviews. Please leave a comment if you think other links or articles should be included in this resource. As always, thanks for all of the support. If you are a self-proclaimed Pelvic Nerd or just want to learn more about pelvic anatomy, I hope you enjoy! ~ Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS

pelvic floor

Female Pelvic Anatomy:

Basic Information

 Diane Lee PDF: Understanding Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain – with basic anatomy

Interactive Anatomy: The 3D Vulva

***New Addition (2/17/13) 360 Degree View of the Pelvis – Muscles, Nerves, Arteries and more!

A funny…

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pelvic Anatomy Resource: Articles, Links, and Videos, Oh My!

  1. Thank you – what a great resource, so generous for you to think of “us” and share it. Have a wonderful trip to Israel. L’Hitraot!



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