Pelvic Guru 2013: Most Popular Posts of the Year

Pelvic Guru 2013 – Most Popular Rankings

What a fantastic 2013 ! Thank you all so much for viewing, supporting and sharing at Pelvic Guru – the blog website and social media sites. The positive feedback rocks. The mission is basic: share valuable (and sometimes just funny) information and promote the work of colleagues regarding pelvic health across disciplines. At the end of the year, I like to see what posts generated the most interest. It’s quite fascinating!  * There are numerous articles that did not make this list, but are still worth checking out at Pelvic Guru on Facebook. Sometimes the best, nerdiest info doesn’t get pop-culture fabulous viewing ratings, but should.

Much love to all of your during this holiday season.

Best in Health,

Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS, Founder of Pelvic Guru

Here’s how this post is organized:

I. Most Viewed and Shared Funny Pictures

II. Top Viewed and Shared Blog Articles and Scientific Pictures

III. Top Viewed and Shared Social Media Quotes, Question,and Announcements

The results below are based on the TOP viewed and shared posts on all Pelvic Guru sites –, @pelvicguru1 on Twitter, Pelvic Guru page on Facebook, and Pelvic Guru on Pinterest. All of these pictures and posts reached views in the thousands. They are in order of how they ranked. So, #1 in each category was the HIGHEST VIEWED and had the most interest or “buzz”. Enjoy! 

Most Viewed and Shared Funny


1. Funny pic helmet/penis

* Google image

* Google image

2. Do these pants make my…

* Google image

* Google image

3. Vagina Onesie

This picture was a hit on our Facebook and Twitter pages. There were also spin-offs seen later that read: “Made in VaChina”. You can purchase these at various sites such as here.

Made in Vagina Onesie Pic. Can purchase at:

Made in Vagina Onesie Pic. Can purchase at this link.

4. GYN Restaurant

Would you go to this "Gynecology Restaurant"?  LOL *Pic found on Google at

Would you go to this “Gynecology Restaurant”? LOL *Pic found on Google at

5. Giggles and…

Popular saying gone wild. This is now available as a t-shirt logo. *Available Google Image Search - ecards

Popular saying gone wild. This is now available as a t-shirt logo. *Available Google Image Search – ecards

6. Easter Peeps

* Google image

* Google image

Top Viewed and Shared Blog

Articles and Scientific Pictures

1. Dear CrossFit and “CrossFit Gynecologist,” I’m Appalled. There’s Help For ‘Peeing’ During Workouts!

By far, this original Pelvic Guru article went “viral” in terms of usual views at Pelvic Guru – with 10,000 + views a day on some days (and almost 3K shares on Facebook). Part of this was due to this article showing up in a major article on Crossfit’s Dirty Little Secret at Huffington Post by Eric Robertson.  If you have not seen the video posted in this Pelvic Guru article, it’s worth checking out to see why it was so controversial. Although the video was quite alarming to many, it provided a fantastic opportunity for many physical therapists, exercise specialists, OB/GYNs and more to provide solid education about the topic of “peeing during workouts”.

There’s lots of help if you want it!


2. Gluteus Medius Activation

Here’s the Facebook post that had the MOST interest, views, and shares this year (Want more?There’s a follow-up series with more of this stuff for 2014).

Pelvic Guru Facebook Post Glut Med

Original research article here

The incredible chart Adam Meakins created (Here’s Adam’s blog: The Sports Physio):

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.14.09 AM

3. The Diaphragm-Psoas Connection by The Daily Bandha

* Image from

4. Is There an Orthopedic Test for Hip Labral Tear?

Who knew this is such a popular question and topic!?  This was viewed thousands of times and had 16 Facebook shares.  This is part of a powerpoint presentation for a Pudendal Neuralgia differential diagnosis course (yup…my course). Here’s the link to the study abstract: Concurrent criterion-related validity of physical examination tests for hip labral lesions: a systematic review.

* Posted on Facebook on 9/23/13

* Posted on Facebook on 9/23/13

5. Elle Magazine Article Pelvic PT Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.11.32 AM


This is a fantastic article about pelvic physical therapy and pelvic pain. The best part – it was featured in a major, mainstream media publication, Elle Magazine! Please share this!

6. a. Pregnancy and Crossfit Heavy Lifting: During Pregnancy Controversy 

* Picture on Public Facebook page and featured in Huffington Post article

* Picture on Public Facebook page and featured in Huffington Post article

The picture that sparked lots of debate! *Picture is posted on Facebook and was featured in Huffington Post article.

The picture that sparked lots of debate! *Picture is posted on Facebook and was featured in Huffington Post article.

6b. Pregnancy and Crossfit Heavy Lifting: After Baby

7. Men Experience Labor

You’ll have to watch these videos to believe it!

8. Invisible Injuries of Vag Delivery

A very popular Pelvic Guru Facebook and link from an excellent website and resource regarding the pelvic floor and vaginal delivery.

Facebook post - Vaginal Delivery Tears

9. 10 Common Misconceptions of Pelvic Physical Therapy

This is wonderful article about Pelvic PT by Jessica Powley,  that Pelvic Guru featured on the blog site. Check it out!! There’s another great article about pelvic physical therapy written by Sarah Talley, You do WHAT?.

10. Pelvic and Upper Thigh CT 

Thousands tried to guess what the structures were.

11. Anatomic connections of the diaphragm: influence of respiration on the body system

This was a popular article posted at Pelvic Guru via social media. Of course there’s a relationship between the diaphragm and pelvic floor!

12. Vaginal Dilator Guide for Patients: Part 1

This is a Pelvic Guru blog article. “There are different reasons to use vaginal dilators. This particular post focuses on providing dilator information for women facing fear, anxiety, and/or pain with regard to vaginal touch, finger insertion, gynecology exams, use of tampons, and intercourse.”

Thanks for all of the positive feedback about this dilator information! It’s wonderful to know that individuals all over the world are receiving this as a reference and benefiting from it. Part II will be out in 2014.

Top Shared and Viewed Social

Media Quotes, Question,and


1. “Curious to Know Who You All Are Out There!”

When I inquired about who was viewing the Pelvic Guru Facebook page, I was pleasantly surprised to see 78 comments from all over the world. This post also had one of the highest viewing rates. I love promoting wonderful pelvic health professionals and connecting with individuals who love to learn from the best in the world. This is GREAT!

Curious to Know Who's Out there - Pelvic Guru

Some of the responses and introductions on this post (though a public post, I left names off):

Was a nurse midwife ” back in the day” and now working as a Birth Doula; Extension work in Women’s Health and Wellness 

Adult boutique owner

Banker seeking knowledge to self treat PN. I can’t find a pelvic PT anywhere near me”

Former dancer and now a fitness professional/studio owner teaching many styles of fitness and not long ago I became involved in pelvic floor fitness”

2-1/2 years status post daVinci Robotically Assisted vaginal hysterectomy/BSO followed by postop hemorrhage 2 weeks later resulting in confirmed severe bilateral PNE and complex pelvic and hip instability

Physical therapist in Lisbon, Portugal Women’s Health lover

OT who had a wonderful pelvic floor PT following a difficult delivery. Now very interested in maintaining pelvic floor health!! Love your site!!

stage 4 endometriosis and Pelvic Organ Prolapse…just had surgery for POP just over 3 months ago…still dealing with the pelvic floor dysfunction so I am on here to learn to heal myself

 I’m a Pelvic Floor Strength Instructor. I have designed over 20 internal moves that cannot be seen externally. I authored the worlds first compendium on internal weight lifting in 2010 “Enchantress” I’m also a Hypnotist focused on embodiment and passionate about empowering the global sisterhood. I love your work Pelvic Guru.

Nutritionist specializing in pelvic pain and former pelvic floor physical therapist… my practice is global. I work with women all over the world via phone/ skype and online programs.

I’m from Ontario and suffer from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction & SIJD. I am seeing a wonderful Pelvic Health PT and love all the info and articles you share, it’s nice to understand what’s happening in my body!

Sex therapist/ psychotherapist/ licensed social worker.

Women’s health NP run a chronic pelvic pain clinic at a university and public hospital.

Woman’s Health and Continence PT. Migrated to Mumbai last week from London. Love this page. Well done you.

I’m a somatic sexologist, author, and educational filmmaker.


2.  Quote from Explain Pain by Moseley and Butler – posted on Facebook. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.34.09 AM

3. Medicare G-Code charts available.

This was the first major project Pelvic Guru rolled out to help out physical therapists and occupational therapists in the U.S. Heather Edwards did a fabulous job with these G-Code tables and we provided the Pelvic tables for free. We then published full G-code tables for other disciplines – the charge is for all that hard work and to put back into other PG projects in the future. We received incredible support for this project and look forward to many others.


* …and the best commercial of the year goes to: Poo-Pourri. This is really well done! It’s a REAL product. Really.

** I’m not quite sure how a “Pain and Brain” article or video did not make the top posts this year. I’ll have to keep sharing this information because it is so important. Here’s a great video by Lorimer Moseley.

Thanks for all of the support! Looking forward to a great 2014!!

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