Sex and Anxiety- A Teleseminar Review

Upcoming Teleseminar Available on June 11th: Just Relax! Understanding Sexual Pain & Anxiety

A two-hour teleseminar by Talli Rosenbaum & Dr. Tammy Nelson

Available June 11, 2013, as MP3 files (*can listen to it after June 11th too)

*The course is targeted for pelvic physical therapists, but many other healthcare professionals AND patients dealing with painful sex will find this very informative.

Course Overview:

Objective: Participants will be introduced to the multi-factorial nature of sexual pain and to mindfulness based treatment protocol to address anxiety and aversion in women with sexual pain disorders.

Part One: Understanding and treating sexual pain disorders

Part Two: Exploring the dynamics of anxiety and pain – Unconsummated relationships and sexual aversion.

Sad couple having an argument(*picture from teleseminar)


How many times have patients dealing with painful intercourse told us that their healthcare professional advised them to “just relax” or “drink some wine” or “stop worrying so much and just take your mind off of it”?  How often is this advice successful? Hardly ever, right!? So, what can we do to make a drastic, positive change for patients that is effective and gentle?  Have you wondered why traditional pelvic floor therapy and use of dilators just isn’t enough?  Talli Rosenbaum, a pelvic physiotherapist AND AASECT sex therapist, has fantastic insight to share in the teleseminar.

Often in the discussion of treatment dysfunction, there’s an assumed paradigm in which the doctor will treat the dysfunctions of the skin or visceral organs, the sex therapist will address the couple’s issues and patient’s emotional issues, and the physical therapist will make sure the muscles are functioning correctly. Talli Rosenbaum and Tammy Nelson seek to shatter this way of thinking and replace it with a shift towards empowerment and mindfulness.

The two hour course is presented in a conversational interview style. Tammy asks questions to Talli to provide her the opportunity to lay out her multifactorial  approach to addressing sexual limitations. In addition to discussing the variety of sexual dysfunctions and the differences between them, she dives into that zone that many of us who treat sexual dysfunction are aware of but is poorly defined in the physical therapy world- the psychology associated with the pelvic floor. The role of anxiety, both for the patient and for the couple, is a considerations to treating the patient thoroughly and holistically.

Not only is theory discussed in this class, but Talli even goes as far as to lay out very straightforward guidelines on elements of treatment for counseling and for ways of implementing physical treatments (such as the use of dilators) in a way that is culturally appropriate, developmentally appropriate, and take into account a patient’s or couple’s aversions or struggles.

This class is great for anyone who is working with people affected by painful sex and is very focused on giving a global image of what it takes to bring a woman back into sexual wholeness. If you are a physical therapist treating people with painful intercourse or associated issues, this course is well worth the two hours spent.

Some great quotes from the class (without giving it all away!):

“Challenge notion that sex is about intercourse only”

“Get away from talking about success or failure of sex rather than just enjoying sexual experience”

“Perceive anxiety not as an enemy but as part of the experience”

“Fear is based on myths…let’s talk about myths about the hymen”

“You are not going through treatment, you are not pathological and you do not have a problem. You are here to experience a journey”

** Side commentary: Over the years, I treated patients who “failed” treatment by other pelvic physical therapists for pain with intercourse (regardless of the diagnosis).  The reason these patients experienced good outcomes ultimately is very strongly correlated to the shift in focus of treatment, not the wealth of knowledge of pelvic floor anatomy or use of a new, exciting manual technique. As pelvic physical therapists, we tend to focus on the muscles of the pelvic floor and the physical pain. As Talli states: “The pelvic floor is a window to an emotional state”.  Proficiency in treating patients with an integrative approach is very helpful:  Understanding and assisting with anxiety management using a mindfulness approach and gentle progression; promoting a healthy patient self-awarness and appreciation of her sexuality and body; and dispelling myths and providing hope.  Talli suggests emphasizing the dynamic nature of the intervention instead of just focusing on the one individual as having a “problem”. This is an excellent approach. The only caveat is that sometimes the patient associates anxiety and fear with the partner (even at a subconscious level) so I first make sure the individual has tools and interventions to promote her own healing journey separately as well.

[AASECT (American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) is an excellent organization. I’m a proud member and feel that the knowledge from the conferences and member listserv helps my practice tremendously] ~ Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS

Want to register for this great course? 

Available June 11, 2013, as MP3 files 

(*can listen to it after June 11th too)

$99 (approved for 2 AASECT CEs)

Here’s the link to register. You can do it now!:
Sex and Pain Teleclass Information and Registration

Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum, M.Sc., PT, IF, is both a physical therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist, who is an internationally recognized expert on the integrated roles of physiotherapy, sex therapy, and couples therapy, in the treatment of sexual pain disorders and unconsummated relationships.

Tammy Nelson, PhD, LPC, is a Certified Sexologist and a Certified Imago Therapist. She is the author of Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together, and The New Monogamy; Redefining Relationships After Infidelity.

* Pelvic Guru does not receive financial gain from this post. Review only.

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