Egg-citing Pictures! Egg Released During Ovulation.

These pictures are incredible! (First time seen clearly on a human female). This was captured by Dr Jacques Donnez (2008) while he performed a  laparoscopic hysterectomy on a 45-year-old female.  In these photos you will see the follicle (red) – a fluid-filled sac on the surface of the ovary (white) containing the egg. The process lasted approximately 15 minutes.

The egg (ovum) is only viable for pregnancy for 24 hours after its release.  However, if sperm were already present at the cervix or in the uterus before ovulation occurred, pregnancy could take place. Sperm typically remain viable for about 72 hours. This is why there can be a “window” of time around ovulation when a woman can achieve pregnancy.

24 thoughts on “Egg-citing Pictures! Egg Released During Ovulation.

    • Kristin- Thanks for your interest and comment (and fellow science-geekiness)! It IS super incredible. It’s one thing to read about it, but another thing to actually see what it looks like!

      • Is it natural for a women to release 5 or 6 eggs during ovulation, and a women who does dose her body feel more cramping and heaviness during her menstrual month

    • 1) Ejaculation has a greater sperm count than pre-ejaculation.2)Well if she aadrley ovulated, that means that she aadrley released an egg. So sperm will have no egg to fertilize. There is a 10% chance of pregnancy in that situation. However, periods of ovulation are different for everyone so if she ovulates again real soon there is a chance of pregnancy because the sperm might still be in the vaginal area waiting to fertilize an egg. Most likely sperm will die off in 2 days after being the vagina.

  1. This was really great — thank you for sharing it! I posted this on the Aligned and Well Facebook page with this additional ovum science (which you may already know!): A woman’s eggs are developed while she’s in utero, which means a woman is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have (as opposed to males who make their sperm throughout a lifetime). This also means that your eggs were inside you when you were inside your mom. So the egg that you came from was once inside your grandmother.

    • Katy! Thanks for sharing this on your FB page AND thanks for the info. It’s great info to share! Looking forward to continued communication and hopefully collaboration. ~ Tracy

    • I found out about 4 years ago after I had a fibroid tumor reevomd surgically that I would have to have c-sections when I eventually have children. Due to the surgery I had I will never be able to deliver normally. Hopefully there is not too much scarring from my surgery that I will still be able to have children one day.

  2. Fascinating picture, thanks for posting! But you have an inaccurate statement about the lifespan of sperm. In optimal conditions, sperm can live for close to a week inside the woman’s body; much longer than the 72 hours that you have cited. This is because in the days before ovulation, the woman’s body secretes cervical mucus which protects and nourishes any sperm that would be deposited.

  3. This is the moment about what I’m frequently asked by the student that they will be able to see an original picture of ovulation or not

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