Desire Love and Intimacy, But Can’t Have Intercourse?

Desire Love and Intimacy, But Can’t Have Intercourse?

It is with great passion and sincere hope that I share this website link with you. There are so many patients we touch every day who crave love and intimacy, but feel isolated and alone because they cannot tolerate having full sexual intercourse. This happens to both men and women. For example-  Some male patients have severely painful ejaculations or pain with any touch to the genitals; while women may not be able to tolerate vaginal penetration at all due to pain or adhesions/scarring from gyn radiation therapy. This is real, but we can help.  If an individual’s goal is to have full sexual intercourse, then we want to aim treatment at achieving this. However, just remember that it may not be an end goal OR it just may not be realistic for that individual. Here’s another option.

This will continue to be a hot topic we will further explore in additional postings.

Here’s another link for the ABC story featuring this website:

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