Great Pudendal Neuralgia Information!

Great Pudendal Neuralgia Information Click Here!

If you wanted to know more about Pudendal Neuralgia from one of the leading physicians, Dr. Hibner, who sees many cases from all of the country and world – here it is! (2011).

4 thoughts on “Great Pudendal Neuralgia Information!

  1. My uncle has suffered from Pudendal neuropathy since 2001. At that time, little was know about PJ . He was a SSI attorney for 20 yrs and was knowledgeable in medical terminology. Even then, however, it took him a few yrs to diagnose himself with PN. After exousting all avenues, trying to get professionally diagnosed, he reluctantly, flew to the only place he could find, where there might be a glimmer of hope, France. At the time Dr. Robear was the only surgeon who would performed pudendal surgery. His recovery was 30 days spending it in a hotel room in France, but at least he had a nice view of the Iffil tower.
    He flew home and was working again within days. The pain subsided for 3 years or so and we were optimistic that he would make a full recovery unfortunately, to no avail.
    I won’t go in to details but it’s a brutal disease and I spend countless hours caring for him. He is 68 yrs old and has been fighting for a cure for almost 15 yrs. His bed consist of 50 pillow stacked on a mattress. He is 85-90% bed ridden but can move around slowly. He has never succumbed and will keep fighting! He is my hero.
    Thank you, Tony

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